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Capturing your legacy

Within each of us, there is a fascinating story to tell. However, few people have the time, talent, and expertise to write a book. T.L. Champion has spent decades honing her craft as a ghostwriter to help dozens of clients publish their memoirs. She founded Legacy Ghostwriting in 1998. “People often ask me what it means to be a...

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Aged bourbon

We run our micro craft distillery with an ethos of honoring old-world traditions while keeping our eye on the next big thing. This month is a perfect example. Bourbon lovers will rejoice in this rare barrel. Aged over six years, we are only offering 233 limited-edition numbered bottles. At 112 proof, it’s one of the finest we’ve ever made...

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New partnership with D2

Higher Heights Fitness is always adding advanced protocols and services. In addition to customized workouts in private training suites, the studio has evolved to offer physical therapy, dry needling, small-group training, a nutrition program and UnRefined ready-made meals. This month, owner Kyle Hotz has announced a partnership with the...

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Sleep in Heavenly Peace event

We’ve made it our mission to volunteer our time and resources to local charities that make a real impact on the community. With the mission statement, “No kid sleeps on the floor in our town,” Sleep in Heavenly Peace is one that’s close to our hearts. I think people would be shocked if they knew how many kids in our communities...

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Young adult investing pays

Not many recent college graduates prioritize saving for retirement. And that’s unfortunate, because saving sooner has a profound impact on how much you end up with when retirement comes. It allows your investments to grow over time by taking advantage of the power of compound interest. This type of interest means your earnings generate...

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