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Captivating guests from across the area and beyond, the clever chefs, bartenders and brew masters at Blue Heron Brewery officially own these next few months

Part of the fun of enjoying craft beers at Blue Heron Brewery is sampling the new and creative concoctions of Mike Piazza, brew master and co-owner of the establishment. Just in time for the spring and summer season, Mike recently tapped into Version 3 of his ongoing rotating Pale Project. “In the Pale Project, Josiah (Beha, brewer) and I...

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Should your HVAC system stay, or should it go?

In the beginning, there was fire. We quickly found out that it was hot and should be contained. As mankind progressed, we found a way to put that fire in a box. And it was good. Then in the early 1900s, we discovered that very same box could also provide an arctic chill, even in the middle of summer. Gone were the days of sourcing ice from a...

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A Final Thought: I Really Don’t Know Clouds At All

By the time you read this sometime in mid-May, I hope we will have experienced relief from the constant rain. But for now, here in early May, I have decided to build an ark, assuming I can find a place to construct it where it will not sink into Northeast Ohio’s soggy loam. By comparison, my wife and I spent a few days at the end of April in...

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Technology and your fitness goals

As is the case in every aspect of our culture, technology has advanced quickly in the fitness realm. Whether it is a Fitbit you can wear, the Mirror you can use to replace your home gym, or one of the tens of thousands of apps for your phone, there is an overwhelming number of options you can utilize to help you reach your fitness goals. Many...

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Faith in humanity restored: A true account of one local woman’s extraordinary experience working with Spartan StormShield

The tenacious team at Spartan StormShield lives up to its tagline of installing “the roof system to last your lifetime.” Armed with product innovation and trusted craftsmanship from highly trained crews, the company has earned a reputation for going well beyond industry standards. I sat down with Missy Smith of Twinsburg, who recently...

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