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Now's the time to take a closer look at the ACA plan you’re in to see if it’s still meeting your needs

With the introduction of the American Rescue Plan Act, people who currently participate in an Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance plan have the opportunity to make a change or save a considerable sum of money on their plan costs, if they act before Sunday, August 15. For about 80% of Americans, plans for $10 after subsidies will be...

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When it’s not enough to simply update a kitchen, The David Brown Construction Company adds the art

As a skilled carpenter by trade, and the son of a master carpenter, David Brown has thrived in the highly competitive home remodeling business for more than 40 years by learning the value of surrounding himself with talent. “I believe we’ve earned a reputation for being perfectionists,” says David, who founded The David Brown...

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Pristine Clean’s highly-trained team of 40+ technicians can rid your home of unsightly mildew, grime, moss and algae, safely and affordably

Unlike many simple home maintenance tasks—such as mowing the lawn or spreading mulch—power washing requires skill, training and experience. Without this professionalism, the amateur can destroy siding, tear window screens, blast away mortar between bricks, kill shrubs and bedding plants, and leave unsightly lines in concrete...

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Is your car’s air conditioning system ready for summer?

Once we hit that first 80-degree day, it’s time to crank on the AC. But before you dial up the chill, ask yourself: Is your air conditioning system working correctly? Your vehicle’s AC is a complex system made up of mechanical components which are controlled by electrical switches and modules, and refrigerant which is the gas that keeps...

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Ultrasound can find the cause of pain

When dealing with musculoskeletal pain, doctors may order an MRI, but that often does not reveal the problem. An ultrasound, however, is an ideal tool for looking at areas of chronic pain. It can pinpoint the structure that is causing your pain and—because ultrasound can look at your tissues in motion—it can diagnose issues that...

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