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Why runners need to pay particular attention to the health of their feet

Last year, with gyms closed for a few months and the quarantine making everyone stir-crazy, running outdoors became America’s latest pastime—and it isn’t going anywhere. A recent study found that 73% of runners who picked up the activity during the pandemic plan to maintain their routine after it ends. Although running is excellent...

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Revitalize your kitchen cabinets for thousands less than a traditional remodel

Over the last year, the kitchen remodeling industry experienced a boom unlike any other. Everyone, it seemed, wanted to spruce up their interior space. But a shortage of materials combined with a difficulty in getting them and overloaded contractor schedules meant the price of remodeling went up—way up. One company decided not to...

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June 16, Advanced Audiology Concepts is hosting a hearing aid upgrade event

Advanced Audiology Concepts The Hearing Center in Mentor is planning several events to celebrate the month of May, which is National Hearing Awareness Month. According to founder Dr. Jane Kukula, on Friday, May 28, they are hosting an online webinar introducing new hearing aid technology. Dr. Jane and audiologist Dr. Rachael Olinger, along...

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Willoughby-Eastlake Schools’ technology program is booming

If the many industries and businesses that were forced to pivot last year to stay viable during the pandemic, education was hit especially hard. And when it came to the hands-on, in-person protocols of career tech education, the switch to remote learning was especially detrimental. But the leaders at Willoughby-Eastlake City Schools’...

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Act before August 15 to save on your insurance plan costs

With the introduction of the American Rescue Plan Act, people who currently participate in an Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance plan have the opportunity to make a change or save a considerable sum of money on their plan costs, if they act before Sunday, August 15. For about 80% of Americans, plans for $10 after subsidies will be...

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