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The team at Bath R Us can totally transform your bathroom into a glamorous retreat, in less than a week

The design gurus who influence and report on bathroom renovation trends are agreeing on one thing right now: People are looking for more than just new colors or tiles. They want to transform their space into a spa-like sanctuary. A new company that’s taking Cleveland by storm—Bath R Us—is answering the call with luxurious showers...

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Custom Stone House is making a stunning fireplace renovation the hottest home improvement project this season

It has been said that a house with no fireplace is a house without a heart. A fireplace adds extra warmth during the cooler months, creates a stunning design focal point and increases your home’s value—making it the perfect home renovation project. “Your fireplace really is the showpiece inside your home,” says Ronnie Stout,...

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It’s not too late to get your new roof installed before winter

Autumn leaves are falling and the snow is not far behind. If you think you may need a new roof, now is the time to find out. Heavy snows and melting ice can damage weakened roofs and send water into your home and attic. And according to Mike Farist, founder of the award-winning Roofsmith Restoration, he can still get your roof done before the...

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Building the dream: Where will Kaye Construction uncover your new space?

For those of us hanging out in our backyards enjoying the fleeting summery weather, the change of seasons will transform the way we use our homes. As we cover our outdoor patio tables and stack up the deck chairs when cooler weather scurries us indoors, it’s time to take a look inside to see how we can make more space for our family and...

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With more and more people hunkering down at home, “remodel” is the buzzword for fall

One of the biggest pandemic silver linings is that we’ve all turned into homebodies. Families are finding ways to coexist and enjoy each other’s company in their shared space. The home has become a safe oasis, a workplace, and a fun zone. And it’s never been shown more love and attention. According to Houzz, home remodeling...

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