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Does your garage have curb appeal?

Today’s real estate market is so unusually strong that buyers are frequently bidding higher than the asking price. That’s the good news. The bad news comes when the bidder notices your cracked garage floor and says, “Never mind.” A deteriorating, stained concrete floor can not only ruin the look of your garage, but it also...

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Find out how you can level up you concrete with Mr. Level

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. Five years ago, Joe Work founded Mr. Level, a polyurethane concrete leveling business aimed at fixing uneven, sunken or cracked driveways, sidewalks, walkways and patios, so homeowners don’t have to replace them. Joe researched the industry and discovered the...

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With an ambitious new launch in Akron, Tom Rafferty’s Lumen Nation aims to shine a light on fixtures of every shape, size, color and design

Opening this month in Akron, Lumen Nation displays a vast array of light fixtures—from soaring cut crystal foyer chandeliers to retro floor and table lamps, dramatic pendant lights, sleek wall sconces, ceiling fans, complementing lighting families for bathrooms and loads of outdoor lighting. Every style is represented within the...

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No matter what the in-home electrical concern, Streb Electric supercharges customer comfort and peace of mind

With the whimsical tagline, “We take the shock out of your electrical service,” you’d expect the owners and staff at Streb Electric to be down-to-earth and personable, which they are. In fact, when you call the office, the cheery staff answers by saying, “How can we make you smile today?” For the past 40 years, the family-founded...

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Transform your space with tile, carpeting or a whole new room

Over the past year of drama and upheaval, it certainly seems as though we’ve been carried off by a cyclone to a land of make-believe. As we’re waking up from the storm, dusting ourselves off and looking around to see what’s happening in this new and colorful post-pandemic world, it’s time to take a skip and a trip down the yellow brick...

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