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Lamphear’s can convert your backyard into a private area that feels like a vacation escape

The bad thing about a vacation is that it has to end. Unless the vacation is in your backyard. “Turning your yard into a private, relaxing getaway gives you something to look forward to every day,” insists Kory Lamphear, owner of Lamphear’s. Lamphear’s made its name and reputation by creating meticulously manicured lawns and expert...

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‘Tis the season for The Maids, so you can play, explore, enjoy kids and company—without having to clean

Housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance?” —Phyllis Diller It used to be that some homeowners only employed a maid service during the fall and winter months. That’s when school’s in session, everyone is cooped up inside and there are so many other demands on their time that the thought of working cleaning into the...

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Now is one of the best times to visit Floorz to replace your winter-worn flooring

There’s a good time and a great time to replace your flooring. A good time is any time of the year, if you pay a visit to Brian Erickson’s Floorz. But a great time is during the spring or fall, when Floorz hosts the bi-annual Karastan flooring sale and offers rebates of up to $1,000. If you opt for Karastan padding beneath your luxury...

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The Gutter Cover Company reveals which type of protection may be right for your home

With all of the different products available for gutter protection, most homeowners want to know which product works the best and can be installed at a reasonable price. Here are some helpful tips about what to look for when choosing a gutter cover and who to call to install it. A good gutter cover needs to perform in certain areas in...

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Chas Moscarino explains how Moscarino Landscape & Design became a regional landscape and lawn care powerhouse

The local, family-owned landscape company that began with a garage, a mower and a dream has grown to well over 100 employees with two locations, a massive fleet of vehicles and equipment, and a prestigious list of both residential and commercial customers. We asked Chas Moscarino, president of Moscarino Landscape and Design, how he grew...

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