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One of Lake County’s best places to see the fall foliage is at Holden Arboretum

How many places on earth can you take an immersive tour of the tree canopy from 65 feet above the forest floor? Visiting the Canopy Walk and Emergent Tower at Holden Arboretum in Kirtland has been on Mimi’s bucket list for some time. She recently checked it off the list, and the experience blew her away. Cut through the dense,...

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How safe is my child at school?

On a cool December morning in 2012, Adam Lanza approached Sandy Hook Elementary School toting a semiautomatic rifle. When he couldn’t get through the locked doors, he shot out a nearby window and entered the building, where he opened fire and killed 20 students, six staff members, and, ultimately, himself. And though we’d all like to...

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Here's how Heavenly Touch Maids can help you tackle the ongoing chore of having a clean house

It may still be warm, but fall is here. There’s getting the kids out the door and helping them with homework when they get home. Then there’s all of the extracurricular activities, like football, band, soccer, dance, theater, choir, karate and more. Still, your family (and society) expects dinner, clean laundry and a clean house. Well,...

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For 20 years, North Royalton’s Vital Choice Health Store has been leading the way in keeping our community healthy

David and Mike Ventresca grew up in Strongsville, the sons of a health-conscientious oral surgeon who helped teach other physicians about natural health. So, it’s no surprise the two brothers both developed a passion for health and education, which they put into practice 20 years ago with their opening of Vital Choice Health Store. The...

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Learn how Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning is different from the rest

Uh, oh. It’s already the middle of August and there is still so much to get done, including pressure washing the house and driveway, and sealing the concrete. You’ve read a lot in the pages of Mimi about the importance of protecting your concrete from corrosive road salt in winter, but you may not have heard of one local contractor who...

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