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Lucky Shoes grand opening locations just in time for spring

When Joseph Luck emigrated from Kiev, Ukraine, in the early 1900s, he arrived through Ellis Island and became a tenement tailor in New York City before heading west to the booming rubber town of Akron, Ohio. He started selling clothing and boots from a push cart in 1914, and opened his first storefront in 1919. Now—103 years...

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The Stick Together Program within Mentor Schools explores constructive ways to stop bullying

Darlings, there are few things Mimi abhors more than bullying. Research tells us that kids who are bullied experience negative physical, social, emotional, academic and mental health issues. And the effects can be lasting, often persisting into adulthood. That’s why the Stick Together Program within Mentor Schools is such a novel and...

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Spring wildflowers are in bloom at Lake Metroparks

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me… Why waste time plucking petals from blooms, when you can head out to the trails and fields of Lake Metroparks to view the majestic blanket of spring wildflowers in their natural habitat? Mimi recently caught up with parks biologist Megan Hart for some insights into what, when and where...

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The Farmpark annual Quilting Show is back!

Quilting is one of those traditional artistic hobbies from yesteryear that has made a resurgence during the pandemic. Lucky for us, darlings, one of the biggest quilting shows in the state will be right here in Lake County on Frida, Quilts 2022, will be at Lake Metroparks Farmpark on Friday, April 1, through Sunday. You can view these...

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The ingenious way one Mentor school teacher is helping her students appreciate the everyday use of math

Mimi vividly recalls sitting in eighth grade algebra with a pencil stuck in her pink hat thinking to herself, “I will never need any of this!” For anyone who has ever felt likewise, Angie Laurie, an eighth-grade math teacher at Shore Middle School in Mentor, would strongly disagree. Through her novel program—Laurie’s...

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