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How do you know when you’re ready to transition to assisted living?

Making the decision to transition to an assisted living community comes with questions, including: How do you know when it’s time? The staff at SouthWest Commons Assisted Living in Strongsville helps you make those decisions and understands that every person, every family, and every life experience is different. “It’s important to focus...

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Here’s how you can rid your home of the winter crud and enjoy, a bright, fresh, clean-smelling environment for you and your family, and save money, too

As much as winter wreaks havoc on the exterior world—destroying our roads and damaging our landscaping—it also takes its toll on the interior of our homes. After all, we’re stuck inside from December to March as our living spaces suffer a slow build-up of dust, grease, grime, mud, salt, pet hair, cobwebs, illness-spreading...

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Mentor School students hosted a blood drive to give back

After the American Red Cross issued an urgent plea for blood and platelet donation to combat a severe shortage, students at Mentor High School stepped up and decided to answer it. On Wednesday, February 27, they sponsored a blood drive, asking students, teachers, parents and community members to pitch in. The tally for the day was 120...

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Here’s how Pristine Clean can clean and protect your siding, roof and concrete with the biggest discount of the season

Anthony Alberino and Ken Wilson, who co-founded Pristine Clean back in 2008, have always been big believers in customer feedback. And now that the pair has just finished reading the book Legacy, they are even bigger believers. “We both loved that book,” Ken says. “It’s about how to achieve world-class standards, which has a lot to do...

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These historic sites offer a peek into Lake County’s past

Punxatawny Phil may have just predicted an early spring, but, hate to break it to you, this is Northeast Ohio—and we’re probably in for a good dose of winter weather to weather. Rather than holing up in your own home, why not explore fascinating heritage homes and sites here in Lake County? “The plethora of historic sites open...

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