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Maybe it’s time to have a trained professional take a look at your trees

Summer has landed, and it’s bloom or bust for your yard’s trees. By now, most trees have leafed out, and any tree that hasn’t is a strong indication that it’s dead, diseased or distressed. Whatever the case, it’s time for a diagnosis from the trained eye of a professional tree care service. In and around Medina County, the...

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Can you DIY your garage floor?

The garage is what we put into it. Bit by bit, bric-a-brac piles up, and unsightly stains cover the concrete. Inevitably, homeowners reach a point and say, “enough is enough” and decide to take control. The garage is ground zero for home maintenance and refurbishing it might seem like another DIY project. But not every DIY project is...

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Titan Arbor Care can keep your trees thriving

You’re nearing the end of your spring clean-up checklist. You’ve scrubbed the house, and now it’s time to set your sights on sprucing up the yard. Glancing at your trees might reveal foliage that failed to return, leaving dead or diseased branches exposed or a towering trunk with healthy branches in full swing too close to the house for...

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Your outdoor amenities and enjoyment are limitless with the crew from Trinity Outdoor Solutions on your side

For years, David Abraham and Ryan Mitchell, partners in the construction industry, built their businesses in the same way they strived to serve their customers—from the ground up. Last November, they founded Trinity Outdoor Solutions with their wives, Ashley Abraham and Sonia Mitchell, to provide lawn and landscape services and fulfill a...

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AMC Contracting Group covers the new-build and remodeling spectrum with expertise and a diverse crew of pros

Diversity drives AMC Contracting Group’s business. The full-service contracting company undertakes a range of projects for people all over Northern Ohio, drawing from a workforce with a broad field of expertise. The company is 50 percent women-owned. Owner/Operators David Abraham and Ryan Mitchell share ownership with their wives, Ashley...

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