From its founding in 1974 to an expanded new leadership team of regional flooring superstars, Northport Flooring America continues to serve homeowners with high-quality products and installation

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The new ownership team at Northport Flooring America is (from left) Donny Green of MDG Flooring America in Medina; current Northport co-owner Derek Fay; Mike Guhde of Guhde Flooring America in Mentor; and Steve Walbolt, also of MDG Flooring America in Medina. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Adam Cook

Northport Flooring America has a rich history, with each newly installed plank expanding the Akron landmark’s platform as one of the region’s premier full-service flooring companies.

Now, a new generation of leaders is tracing a direct lineage—from the recently refurbished showroom, through the warehouse, to those who set out to make Northport’s name, and all those who followed in their footsteps.

Company History
Arthur J. Chamberlain laid the groundwork for Northport Flooring America in 1974, establishing the location he named for its proximity to Northampton Road and Portage Trail. He paved the way for Derek Fay and Harold Musci who took the reins and purchased Northport in 1991, joining the 500-store strong nationwide cooperative of independent retailers known as Flooring America.

The team at Northport Flooring America also includes (from left) Melissa Beasley, Daniel Fay (son of co-owner Derek Fay), and Amanda Stager.

For many throughout the region, scaled-up selection, service, and savings—while remaining locally owned—solidified Northport’s standing as a go-to destination for carpeting, hardwood, laminate, tile and luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

Expanded Ownership
As Harold Musci enters retirement, three highly experienced flooring professionals are joining Derek Fay as co-owners—Steve Walbolt and Donny Green of MDG Flooring America in Medina, and Mike Guhde of Guhde Flooring America in Mentor. Together the four-person flooring powerhouse will continue to enhance Northport’s unique position, one that sets it apart from the landscape of big-box retailers.

Derek and his new partners’ vision for the future aligns seamlessly, starting in the refurbished showroom, where Derek’s son, Daniel Fay, fresh from a three-year hiatus, has returned to work as a salesperson.

“It’s amazing how much has changed in my absence,” Daniel says. “I’m so proud of our new showroom and expanded product lines, which customers appreciate the moment they walk in.”

Daniel and other familiar faces also extend a warm welcome as customers enter the showroom, including Amanda Stager and Melissa Beasley.

Meet Amanda
Sales professional Amanda Stager’s journey within the company—spanning her work in the warehouse and hands-on field experience installing flooring—has equipped her with the know-how to address any questions related to Northport’s installation services.

Amanda Stager

“Working in the warehouse and out in the field have greatly enhanced my product knowledge, providing me with the assurance to assist customers,” she says. “The company’s thriving culture fuels a sense of pride in everything we’ve achieved and ignited my determination to contribute to the expansion. I’ve experienced growth throughout my journey at Northport.”

Amanda’s journey embodies Northport’s commitment to excellence.

The new generation of leaders sees the transition as just another step in an ongoing journey of continual improvement.

“We pride ourselves on our processes,” Steve explains. “We prioritize continuing education for every role in the store. Our installers regularly attend training programs, our sales team continuously receives training on new products, and our management team consistently engages in leadership training. It’s part of our always-a-student mindset.”

It’s a culture Melissa Beasley also ascribes to.

Meet Melissa
Melissa, a fully accredited designer, studied interior design and graduated with her bachelor’s degree from Kent State University. She emphasizes the satisfaction she gets from using her knowledge and training to help customers achieve their vision, whether that’s tile for a shower or a total home makeover.

“The reference points I’m able to provide serve as direction, so customers can envision how different elements will work in their homes, to get them to the look they’re going for,” she says. “Circling in on someone’s style creates that sense of cohesion that makes a house a home.”

Melissa Beasley

Melissa understands that investing in one’s living space encompasses practical and personal considerations. New flooring and other improvements enhance the home’s financial value and enrich the backdrop against which homelife unfolds.

And she underscores the virtues of luxury vinyl plank (LVP)—durability, affordability and aesthetics—which resonate with customers seeking a versatile and waterproof alternative to traditional hardwood flooring.

“These three points are essential,” she says. “Customers want to commit to making the perfect choice, and LVP gives them the color, look, and feel in a product with a true waterproof core and backed up by our incredible warranty.”

Northport Flooring America’s newly remodeled showroom offers customers an expanded selection.

Guaranteed Satisfaction
Northport leverages its extensive buying power through Flooring America, the world’s number one purchaser of flooring materials.

“Customers who buy from us can buy with confidence because they get personalized service from our dedicated team of flooring professionals and the best guarantee in the business,” Steve says. “Customers have 30 days to live with their new floor— if unsatisfied, we’ll replace it at no additional cost, no questions asked.”

This robust guarantee represents a commitment to service that extends beyond the showroom floor, the warehouse and into the home. This arises from Northport seeking to understand its customers’ needs at every stage. It’s a continuum encapsulating the dedication of those who came before and those who followed.

“I see my father’s legacy as a story of hard work and sheer determination,” Daniel reflects. “He started as a carpet installer with his father and became a co-owner of Northport. He always inspired me and others around him to strive to be better than we were the day before. I want to continue that legacy, instilling that mentality in the next generation of flooring professionals.”

Since 1974, the company’s location on West Portage Trail Ext. has been an iconic landmark for those traveling to and from West Akron, Hudson, and Cuyahoga Falls.

History sets the stage for the future, and so far, Northport’s journey reflects an enduring commitment to excellence.

Northport Flooring America invites you to explore the showroom at 661 West Portage Trail Ext., in Akron, and To speak to someone about your design journey, call 234-206-3792.