MDG Flooring America’s personalized, in-home showroom means the company brings to your door flooring and tile samples especially curated for your home

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The MDG team includes (from left) Scott Powers, Donny Green, Kate Haney, Rob Willson, Kirk Shadi, Carol Green, Cole Streeter, Fred Boyle, Christie Jackson, Josh Fox, Steve Walbolt and Spock. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Adam Cook

At MDG Flooring America’s 5,000-square-foot showroom in Medina, you can choose from a range of materials in a spectrum of colors whenever you need to upgrade your carpeting, hardwood, laminate, tile, or luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

Still, even with countless options in innumerable combinations, it’s impossible to replicate the morning light that cascades through a home’s windows and dances above the kitchen sink; the serene afternoon glow that blankets the living room; or the aged-to-perfection patina of an antique bedroom set lovingly passed down through the family.

Recognizing that every home casts a unique reflection, MDG Flooring America delivers a personalized in-home showroom—with a curated selection of samples—right to the doorsteps of those who want to accentuate the kitchen with a backsplash, upgrade the living room carpet, complete the beloved bedroom set with a new floor of hardwood or luxury vinyl plank (LVP), and many other home improvement projects.

Hardwood or luxury vinyl plank (LVP) can add warmth and charm to kitchens and other areas of your home.

“We’re always happy to offer the convenience of a complimentary in-home consultation,” emphasizes Steve Walbolt, a co-owner and the president of MDG Flooring America. “Whether people visit our showroom or not, they can easily connect with us through our website, call us, and even email us photos. We’ll delve in and discuss their unique vision, preferred colors, materials, and price points so we can craft a customized, personalized in-home showroom experience for them. We make it easy and can be at their doorstep within the week.”

Precise Measurements
MDG goes the extra mile starting with the first step for achieving the desired result in any home improvement project—taking precise measurements.

“A picture can only reveal so much, which is why we like to go to people’s homes,” Steve says. “Accurate measurements from a professional, experienced installer guarantee an accurate and efficient cost estimate. No one likes spending more on materials than they have to or coming up a few inches short of finishing a floor or tiling a shower.”

That level of attention to detail from the get-go demonstrates MDG’s commitment to delivering the highest-quality finished product possible.

“A proper fit also avoids awkward cuts and seam placements,” Steve says.

Whether someone is a flooring professional or a homeowner tackling a DIY project, the adage “measure twice, cut once” is applicable. “Two heads are better than one” can be just as apt.

Interior Design
To ensure their unique vision measures up, some customers elect to collaborate with an interior designer who can create a cohesive and appealing plan covering every square foot of project space efficiently and effectively.

A professional, trained interior designer takes into consideration traffic flow, functionality, and the best arrangement of furniture and fixtures, and is an expert in selecting colors, materials, and finishes.

MDG Flooring America’s professional team includes Scott Powers, Josh Fox, Christie Jackson and Donny Green, who ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Homeowners participating in MDG Flooring America’s complimentary in-home showroom can also benefit from an interior designer’s combination of technical expertise and creativity for a simple $100 surcharge, which is credited toward the total project bill.

The Best of Both Worlds
Customers have diverse needs and preferences. Some may seek an extensive showroom experience, while a more streamlined process suits others. MDG offers both—without compromise.

“Some of our competitors offer in-home services without a physical showroom, while others operate traditional showrooms without an in-home service,” MDG Flooring America Vice President of Sales Scott Powers says. “We’re offering the best of both worlds—whether you visit our showroom or we bring a personalized in-home showroom to you, you get the same high-level service we’ve offered now for 22 years.”

Flexibility is one area that sets the company apart. Adherence to the golden rule is another.

“A core part of who we are comes from our values statement: ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated.’ And we are active in supporting the communities in which we operate,’” Scott says.

Professional design consultant Josh Fox brings the complimentary, personalized, in-home showroom right to your door.

Throughout the year, MDG collects donations for various community efforts, including the Medina Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), offering a 10 percent discount to those bringing in pet supplies. At other times of the year, the company extends similar discounts in exchange for donations of school supplies, nonperishable foods, coats, and toys.

“People are free to bring in their donations, even if they aren’t making a purchase,” Scott says. “But if they are in the market to make a purchase, we’re honored to acknowledge their generosity with a discount, which is truly the best of both worlds.”

MDG Flooring America invites you to explore the showroom at 3812 Pearl Road, Suite C in Medina, and discover Kiba Studios. To speak to someone on your design journey, call 330-725-5252. Find inspiration at and stay up to date and on top of the trends by following @MDGFlooringAmerica on Facebook.