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Whole Body Health takes a unique approach to treating Lyme Disease

Imagine your kids come in from playing outside. As they’re cleaning up, you notice an odd mark on your youngest’s upper arm. It almost looks like a target. When it doesn’t go away, you take him to your primary care physician, who tells you he has Lyme Disease. But don’t worry, he or she is going to put your son on antibiotics that...

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Here's why it's a good idea to list your home now

Right now, when the cold rains of November beat down the last colorful leaves of fall and we all start Googling turkey recipes, many real estate agents yawn and stretch like bears going into hibernation. After all, no one buys a house in the winter, right? Not so fast. “Smart, savvy agents are actually really busy in the fall and...

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Perfect results: The reason why over 70,000 Northeast Ohio homeowners have chosen Perfect Power Wash

Posing for their annual team photo, the team at Perfect Power Wash smiled into the camera as the sun rose over the horizon on this beautiful first day of fall. Sporting a large fleet of service vehicles that almost can’t fit into a single photo, Perfect Power Wash is able to service homeowners quickly and efficiently. Touting thousands of...

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Timber Lodge celebrates our love of all things lobster

In colonial times, lobsters were considered the poor man’s chicken and fed to pigs and goats and only eaten by paupers and prisoners. How times have changed. Today, this tasty crustacean is the most succulent dinner entrée on any menu—and for good reason. Lobsters are melt-in-your-mouth scrumptious. At Timber Lodge, there...

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Minkin's Music: A new holiday tradition

Thanksgiving traditions. For me, it was playing in the Turkey Bowl (those days are just a memory), Mom’s cranberry jello mold, and, of course, listening to Alice’s Restaurant. The jello mold recipe has been passed on to my wife of 34 blessed years, and side one of the Arlo Guthrie LP still plays the entire 18:34 minute version of...

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