Lose 20 pounds using Fitness Together’s exclusive training model, and you’ll get your money back

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Fitness Together’s Six-Week Transformation Challenge is simple. Train in small groups—like (L-R): Jess and Brian with Alli—at the studio for six weeks. If you lose at least 20 pounds, you either get your money back or apply what the six weeks would cost to future training. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

The generous trainers at Fitness Together in Bay Village are coming to the rescue of anyone who gained the “quarantine 15” and may have let their fitness slip during the stay-at-home order by offering the Six-Week Transformation Challenge.

This win-win proposition is simple: Train in small groups at the studio for six weeks. If you lose at least 20 pounds, you either get your money back or apply what the six weeks would cost to future training. That’s it. No fine print. No loopholes.

“This challenge is a testimony to how confident we are in the results our program achieves,” says owner Sean Sullivan, who notes they limit the challenge to the first 10 people who sign up. “We couple the group session training with our Nutrition Together program, which really boosts people’s results.”

At the Bay Village studio, small group training maxes out at three people.

“Our trainers still give total attention to the clients, scaling each movement to fit the person,” he says.

The training costs $79 per week and the one-time fee for the nutritional materials is $59. If you pay for all six weeks upfront, they will waive the materials fee.

Challenge Accepted! Meet Brian and Jess
Jess Milliman and Brian Jordan are just two of the many people who’ve previously undergone the Six-Week Challenge.

A busy podiatrist with a husband and two active kids, 30-something Jess had let the weight creep up over the years.

When she saw the Six-Week Challenge on a Facebook ad in January, especially since the studio is very near her home, she saw it as a sign and joined.

“I loved the group training, it was a blast,” she says. “And the nutritional program was eye-opening. I liked journaling everything I ate on a fitness app.”

As the owner of a dog training business, Brian works crazy hours. He also likes to spend time with his wife and three dogs.

“For me, I was interested in losing weight, but also gaining strength and boosting my overall fitness level,” he says. “Even though the sessions were with other people, it felt privatized in that the trainer was watching my moves and motivating me to push harder. It was also fun to get to know others during the workouts. This is the first time I’ve ever worked out with a trainer and it was an amazing experience.”

The reveal is they each lost over 20 pounds. And both opted to continue training at Fitness Together instead of getting their money back.

In fact, as of this issue going to press, Jess has lost a total of 42 pounds and Brian a total of 28.

Sean says that even though the small packs are in the same suite, they are all doing different movements, and no equipment is shared.

The plush private training suites include cardio machines, suspension bands, TRX equipment, medicine and stability balls, battle ropes and weights.

“I’ve always considered our studios to be in the transformation business, partnering with people to transform themselves to look and feel their absolute best by giving them the knowledge and the tools they need,” says Sean. “And I think many of us could benefit from a little do-over on 2020 so far.”

Fitness Together is located within the Dover Commons Shopping Center, at 650 Dover Center Road, in Bay Village. Call 440-671-3200, or visit FitnessTogether.com for more information. Other studios are at 7651 Crile Road, in Concord; 8251 Chippewa Commons, in Brecksville; and the newest location is at 6267-A Wilson Mills Road in Highland Heights.