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Meet the Artist: Gina Santora, Ridge + Roots

Nature provides us with a stunning canvas to gain inspiration from, and local printmaker Gina Santora uses it to her advantage when creating her uniquely beautiful, original prints. A rock-climbing and national park enthusiast, Gina captures small moments and little details of the giant, magnificent world around us via her travels with her...

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Meet the Artist: Mandy Spisak, Retro Revival

“Everything old is new again” is certainly evident in local artist Mandy Spisak’s resourceful and gorgeous mosaics, created entirely with upcycled materials. Primarily inspired by nature, Mandy’s passion for mosaics blossomed during the pandemic lockdown when she was unable to go to her studio to create. Like her fellow artists, she...

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Meet the Author: Suzanne Ondrus, Death of an Unvirtuous Woman

Local poet Suzanne Ondrus delves into Northwestern Ohio history in her latest collection of poetry, Death of An Unvirtuous Woman. Readers will take a trip back in time to Bowling Green, Ohio in 1881 to explore the astonishing and violent relationship of Carl and Mary Bach, a German immigrant couple at the center of a fatal domestic violence...

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Meet the Artist: Brenda Glasure, Tread the Terra

“Brenda, you are strong, smart and resilient. You can tread the terra on your own terms.” Years ago, during some health struggles, local jewelry designer Brenda Glasure was moved by this insightful comment from a friend. This interaction changed Brenda’s perspective, filling her with purpose and resolve. “Tread the Terra is sort of an...

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Local photographer Gabe Wasylko turns his lens on The Land

Local photographer Gabe Wasylko is dedicated. So much so that he often starts his days at 4:30 a.m., researched and ready to shoot his beloved Cleveland in all its glory from the perfect spot, basking in the glow of the rising sun, all while the city dwellers are sound asleep. The next few hours of his day are dedicated to grabbing various photos...

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