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Meet the Artist: Helen Wilson

Local mixed media artist Helen Wilson approaches her work thoughtfully and beautifully, taking note from the world that surrounds her to create one-of-a-kind paper collage art that mimics the beauty of Mother Nature. Helen’s fascination with the botanical world dates to her childhood, playing in her grandmother’s lush garden in California...

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Meet the Artist: Peter Debelak

Embracing the fun in life is something many of us may find harder to achieve as we age, but local furniture designer Peter Debelak is dedicated to making every piece of his work showcase just a little hint of whimsy and play. “While I make functional objects and furniture, they are often more sculptural in form and outside the frame of...

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My Angel Janice offers support and guidance to the seriously ill and their families

When it comes to making plans for a future without you in it and organizing your final wishes, you may feel uneasy and think this is a morbid task that can be put off for another time. The one constant in life is its unpredictability, so it’s important to make sure your loved ones are taken care of exactly how you want once you’re no longer...

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Meet the Artist: Leigh Brooklyn

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a woman embracing her inner strength and owning her power is an incredible thing to behold, and it’s even more evident when this moment inspires a tangible work of art for us to bear witness to. Local artist Leigh Brooklyn helps women find their inner warrior through her empowered forms of art, running the...

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Meet the Artist: Lisa Ruschman

Local artist Lisa Ruschman has had a passion for glass for as long as she can remember. A creator of distinctive glass art for more than 25 years, she has embraced the many disciplines of glass throughout her illustrious career. Best known for her fine art mosaics and public art installations, Lisa’s fascination with glass and her innate...

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