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Meet the Artist: Kate Kisicki

We all see the world in a different way. The way local artist Kate Kisicki brings her view of the world to life by using bold, effervescent color is sure to make you take notice. Deeply inspired by fleeting, natural phenomena, Kate is influenced by and expresses her sublime experiences in nature and energy through her vibrant, unique strokes...

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Meet the Artist: Molly Fitzpatrick, DittoHouse

Local textile designer Molly Fitzpatrick, of DittoHouse, loves to boldly go in the direction of her dreams. She turns her ideas into a tangible reality with her bold, colorful and unique collections of textiles. Inspired by the pioneers of the Op Art movement, Inuit printmaking and weavings of the Bauhaus, Molly brings to the table sustainable...

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Healthy Kids Running Series

Many Northeast Ohioans are counting down the days until they can get their families active and enjoying the outdoors again. Luckily, the Healthy Kids Running Series (HKRS) is making its debut at Coulby Park in Wickliffe this spring, running every Sunday at 3 p.m., from April 25 through May 23. Getting outside and being active helps kids build...

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The Gutter Cover Company can free your gutters from debris and big icicles

With the absence of the big home and garden shows this time of year, many homeowners are hunkered down at home wondering what their options are for protecting their gutters without having to risk life and limb by climbing up on the roof and doing it themselves. The Gutter Cover Company has not only your personal safety in mind, but also the...

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Meet the Artist: Lari Jacobson

Local painter Lari Jacobson likes being presented with a challenge. Inspiration comes to her in many forms, from her walks in nature observing her surroundings to whatever requests her clients dream up for her to bring to life. Her work isn’t one specific subject or theme, but an ever-evolving creation. “I draw inspiration from my clients...

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