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Funeral planning can save money

With people putting their financial documents in order this month for tax purposes, now is a good time to also consider the financial aspects of your final wishes. As the cost of a funeral has risen...

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Remembering loved ones is therapeutic

After losing a loved one, thoughtfully planned funerals and memorial services serve the family left behind as much as the deceased. Whatever type of service, whether it’s a funeral mass,...

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Planning a personal memorial service

Just as every family has its own personality, each one is distinct in how it approaches the prospect of memorializing a loved one after they are gone. Over the past 17 years as a funeral...

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Talk with kids about funeral planning

Planning your final wishes is a gift parents can give their children that has profound and long-lasting repercussions. The emotional component to bereavement can be devastating for any family...

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Pre-planning funeral/cremation

A priceless gift people can give their children and families is the peace of mind knowing they’ve pre-planned their last wishes. As a fifth-generation funeral director who has handled funeral,...

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