Talk with kids about funeral planning

Jeff With Clients

By Jeff Monreal, Funeral Director

Planning your final wishes is a gift parents can give their children that has profound and long-lasting repercussions.

The emotional component to bereavement can be devastating for any family. Making blind decisions at this time only adds stress for siblings. Perhaps a parent passed away unexpectedly, or their wishes weren’t detailed in advance.

I’ve always made it my mission to provide support to both the person planning his or her arrangements, and also their family when the time comes.

As a funeral director for the past 17 years, I’ve met with couples or individuals who wanted to start making funeral or cremation pre-arrangements but didn’t initially tell their children they were meeting with me. Pre-planning usually takes two to three meetings to finalize the details of what people want, including selecting a casket or urn and what type of memorial service they would prefer. They usually speak with their children after the first meeting with me to inform them about their plans.

While it may come as a shock to children, and no one likes to think about mom or dad being gone, pre-planning brings a sense of relief that it’s being handled, so when the time comes, they aren’t scrambling, wondering what to do when they should be focusing on their grief.

This part of my job is rewarding, knowing that I can help families avoid pain and find understanding through the journey of loss. Give me a call to start planning your final wishes and give your children—and yourself—lasting peace of mind.

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