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Find out The Power of Food and why medicine doesn’t work with Cleveland Nutrition

You see your doctor regularly. You get blood tests and colonoscopies. You meticulously keep your pills organized in your pill box and take them every day as directed. Although you diligently go...

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Feeding or fighting cancer

Weeds. They grow quickly and uncontrollably. They spread invasively. They take over your lawn and are difficult to eradicate. That’s why cancer reminds me of weeds. Whether cancers or...

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The slow metabolism myth

It’s the number one excuse people give for being overweight: “I have a slow metabolism.”And it’s a lie. There are many reasons why people gain excess weight, but unless you have an...

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Reverse diabetes with carbs

I know what you’re thinking. Of course you can’t reverse diabetes with carbs. Everyone knows that diabetics need to avoid carbs to prevent their blood sugar from spiking. Well, that’s not...

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Medications don’t always cure what ails you

Your bathroom sink is clogged and the faucet is running. You soon notice that water begins to overflow and spill onto the floor, so you call the plumber. After discussing the problem with you for...

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