Eat more to weigh less

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By Dr. David Gutman, Cleveland Nutrition

What if I told you the secret to losing weight, getting off medications, and overcoming chronic diseases was to eat more? That’s right, more—not less. That you can restore normal metabolism by eating normal amounts of food and still lose weight—no magic pills and no extreme exercise regimen.

David Gutman, MD

Let me break it down for you.

The secret isn’t to reduce the quantity of food you eat, it’s to improve the quality.

Surprisingly, most people eat the same amount of food—about three to four pounds—each day. That’s the amount it takes to fill your stomach so that your brain turns off your hunger hormones. The question is, how many calories are in those three to four pounds of food you eat? In other words, what is the average caloric density of your personal diet?

At the low end of the caloric density spectrum is leafy greens, which provide only 50 calories per pound. At the upper end is oil, clocking in at a whopping 4,000 calories per pound. That’s an 80-fold difference! The secret, then, is to make sure to fill your stomach with enough of the lower calorie, fiber-rich foods so that you’ll feel full before you take in too many calories. And since you’ll be eating to fill, your body won’t think you’re starving and start slowing your metabolism.

We’ve helped hundreds of patients achieve excellent health by using food as medicine. If you’re ready to finally take full control of your health, give me a call. I’ll create a customized food plan just for you, and we’ll provide all the support you’ll need to succeed.

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