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A visit to Westlake Dental Associates can have you smiling brightly

After you’ve put down the eggnog and sorted through the crop of holiday pictures splattered across social media, you might find yourself agog at your perennially closed-mouth smile. Sure, you can convince yourself that your seemingly signature expression appears coy and enigmatic. But a closed-mouth smile is, in actuality, made...

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At Jeff Ellis’ International Karate Centers, students moving from white to black belts are empowered with positive life skills for future success

The lessons learned at Jeff Ellis’ International Karate Centers are more than a matter of form. Technique translates to life skills and the measure of success takes a stance more nuanced than black and white. “The progression from a white belt to a black belt is an indicator of development, in the physical and psychological sense,”...

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Westlake Dental Associates puts the finishing touches on an expansion and introduces a new member of the medical team

Dr. Chrys Constantinou, of Westlake Dental Associates, says the mouth is the gateway to the body, and we can extend the metaphor to his growing practice where, through its double doors, an expansion is underway to accommodate the health of the community. Renovations to an unused 1,600-square-foot space at the back of the building are making...

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The Echelon of Medina: The future of senior living

The cornerstone of the new senior living community opening in the fall of 2018 in Medina rests on changing our common conception of aging. At The Echelon, aging is something to aspire to. “The luxury amenities that exist at The Echelon, like the old-fashioned English pub or the Himalayan salt massage room, dispel any notion that aging is a...

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How to get your asking price for your home

In the spring, when there are more houses on the market, fortune favors the bold. For proof, those in the market to sell need to look no further than the Bold Real Estate Consultants and their list-to-sale price ratio of 99.03 percent. Bold Real Estate Consultants’ near perfect list-to-sale price ratio stands out against the market average...

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