Should you list your home in the winter?

Home In Snow
People house hunting in the winter are often serious buyers who need to move now. That combined with lower inventory means you don’t have to wait until spring to get top dollar for your home.

By Adam Cook

The best time to sell your home is when you’re ready and just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean you’re frozen out of the market. Winter is no time to hibernate, according to the staff at Bold Real Estate Consultants.

“There are serious buyers out there actively looking right now,” says Bold Consultant Chris Moscarino. “The market is still hot even if the weather isn’t.”

Spring and summer may be the peak season for buyers, but it pays to list your home in the winter when there are fewer houses on the market. The buyers out there trudging through the snow are seriously motivated to move. They aren’t waiting for the weather to break or for their kids to finish up the school year. Serious buyers combined with less supply is the ideal forecast for a flurry of competing offers on your home.

If you do decide to wait for the ground to thaw before the for sale sign is hammered in out front, it still pays to get ahead of the supply-and-demand curve.

“If you’re even thinking of selling, call us now because it’s a good idea to list before the spring market actually hits,” says Bold Consultant Sajag Patel. “Just a couple of weeks early can net you a higher sale price because you have far less competition.”

And the staff at Bold Real Estate Consultants knows how to make an entrance. They’re not traditional agents in that they make their expertise work for you. In fact, their team features a specialist for every consideration that goes into the process of buying and selling a home. You won’t find any Jack- or Jill-of-all trades here.

“A real estate transaction involves 160 or more different tasks,” says Sajag. “We’ve broken the process into its parts. Everyone here is a specialist in his or her area of expertise— everyone does what they do best, and we pull together to elevate the level of service for our clients.”

Bold Real Estate Consultants takes you through the entire process of selling your home—from listing to staging, through open houses, to closing—all on the company’s dime.

And Bold’s proprietary marketing plan makes use of a professional photographer to put your home front and center where buyers are looking.

“Today, anyone thinking of listing their home should remember that the first showing is always online,” explains Sajag. “If you’re not exciting buyers with high-quality photography, they’re not coming to your home.”

Bold Real Estate Consultants knows buyers and has the data to back it up.

“We’re proactive,” says Sajag. “We’ve built a vast database to match new listings to buyers who would be interested.”

Any time of year, Zillow, Truilia and bustle with buyers, but it’s a struggle for sellers to stand out in the crowd. “Hits are important,” says Sajag. “But what’s more important is the number of qualified hits. That’s why we selectively target potential buyers through strategic digital marketing.”

And it’s working.

In 2017 on alone, Bold Real Estate Consultants listings received an average of 12,000 views a month. Plus, the company fully leverages social media, including paid Facebook advertisements.

“We only get paid when we sell your home,” says Sajag.

“We know this market inside and out and our team has the expertise to stimulate more interest in your home and that often results in multiple offers, netting you top dollar—even in winter. We call ourselves ‘consultants’ because that’s exactly what we are.”

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