The Center for Stroke & Hand Recovery is helping people regain function

Dr. Sharon Covey, OTR/L is one of the area’s longest-practicing Saebo-certified practitioners

By Laura Briedis

People often mistakenly think pain and dysfunction in the hand is a normal part of aging, but it is not, says Dr. Sharon Covey, OTR/L owner of The Center for Stroke & Hand Recovery. “It usually is a treatable condition.”

“I help patients regain function and decrease pain caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel, stroke, tendonitis, wrist injuries and fractures,” says Dr. Covey, who has a doctorate of occupational therapy and more than 25 years of experience.

As the need for specialized care has grown, so has her practice. In April the center moved into new offices in Solon, doubling its space. It is also adding therapists to better serve its patients.

“Patients like the care at my center because it is more personalized than you receive at a big hospital,” comments Dr. Covey, noting that patients don’t need a doctor’s referral for treatment, except for the limitations of Medicare, Medicaid and Workers' Comp.

“Regardless of which hospital or doctor patients have been to for treatment, they can come to me for follow-up care.”

Dr. Covey is currently treating an 86-year-old woman who was having trouble picking up her pills because of numbness in her hands due to carpal tunnel. “After analyzing her deficit areas, I developed a treatment plan, and now, not only is she is able to pick up small items, but she has started to sew again,” she says.

Similarly, a 49-year-old stroke survivor, who was having problems with simple tasks like opening up a purse, has regained use of her arm and is getting ready to go back to work.

As one of the area’s longest-practicing Saebo-certified practitioners, Dr. Covey treats stroke patients using the SaeboFlex and SaeboReach. Both devices allow those with little residual arm and hand function to perform grasp-and-release activities based on the brain’s ability to re-program itself following injury. The center also utilizes the MusicGlove, which helps patients with coordination when writing, eating and performing other daily activities.

The Center for Stroke & Hand Recovery is located at 5910 Harper Road, Suite 102, in Solon. For an appointment, call 844-987-8765. Visit