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Consider embracing the changes in Medicare

Most people hate change. It forces us out of our comfort zone and into the world of the unfamiliar. But change is often a good thing, pushing us toward new opportunities. If you’re a Medicare participant, you’re going be faced with the opportunity to make a few changes in the coming months, so here are some I’d like you to...

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Small business health insurance

Every day, people visit our office in search of better health care coverage. For business owners, we can review your company’s health insurance standing and determine if there are better options to offer your employees. The truth is, many people consider the quality of the health care coverage offered by a prospective employer before...

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The "what ifs" of Affordable Care

What happens to the people who either didn’t enroll in Affordable Care, hate the coverage they have, or have stopped paying their premium? Surprisingly, there are some options. 1) What if you missed the open enrollment period?Right now you’re likely without health coverage and may be faced with a tax penalty. You could qualify for...

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How will you fund your death?

As of this writing, there are 544,051 sites on with the word “funeral” in them. That’s a startling number of people in need of help with expenses. People died unexpectedly and they may not have been prepared. Now their loved ones are scrambling to find a way to pay for things like medical bills and burial expenses...

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The future of healthcare

With a new President in place, many people are wondering about the future of the Affordable Care Act. As of this writing, nothing has changed and we are still functioning under the guidelines as they were written. In all likelihood, however, change will happen. I’d like to invite you to get vocal now about how you’d like to see those changes...

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