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Here's why critical illness protection is important

With medical technology constantly evolving, the likelihood of a person surviving a critical illness or injury is greater than it ever has been. But while your health can rebound from a major...

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Covering your college student

Once you become a parent, your focus shifts away from yourself and on to the wants, needs and safety of your child. We want to protect them, now and into the future. With May signifying the...

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Should you enroll in Medicare or not?

What do you do when you turn 65 and are covered under your spouse’s healthcare insurance plan? Do you stay on that plan or transition over to Medicare? There is a lot of information out...

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Save money on small group insurance

Providing insurance coverage for employees can take a bite out of earnings. Your pocket or theirs, someone is going to feel the pinch. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency offers small group...

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Give the greatest expression of love—life insurance

The month of February is practically synonymous with the word love. And with Valentine’s Day still in our rear view mirrors, I’d like to suggest you consider one of the greatest acts of love you...

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