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Correy Petz’s EverGreen Turf Solutions is extending its 10% off military and first responder service discount

Erron Luedtke, general manager of EverGreen Turf Solutions, is on the front line every day. When customers call to discuss their fertilization needs, ask questions about their service, or just want to rave about how spectacular their lawn looks, his is the friendly voice they’ll hear on the phone and often meet with in person. But prior to...

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Here’s how to get more from your insurance benefits

When I do their complimentary healthcare coverage review, many people are surprised to learn about plan benefits they are paying for but not using. Simply put, they don’t know what their coverage covers,” says licensed insurance agent Bernie Davidson, of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. “For example, they may have coverage for...

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By having your cabinets refinished, you can change the entire look of your space for a fraction of the cost of a remodel

Spend any amount of time swiping through photos of remodeled kitchens on Pinterest or Houzz, and you might find yourself turning citrus green with envy—or royal blue, canary yellow or any of the other on-trend cabinet colors of the moment. Rare, however, is the homeowner willing to take the financial risk associated with purchasing custom...

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Here’s how Northeast Factory Direct can more than double your tax return

“It’s the perfect storm,” says Alex Nemet, owner of Northeast Factory Direct. “Many people have received stimulus checks and are now waiting on their tax returns. They’ve decided to take all that bonus money and invest in their homes. We’re seeing a huge influx of people who want to remodel their kitchens, and we’re perfectly...

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Online banking pitfalls

While many of us are embracing the newest technology as fast as it’s introduced, Jay Nabors, a Cleveland-based attorney who focuses on estate planning, says there is a latent issue with one of the more popular options. “Many people have decided to switch to a bank based entirely online,” he says. “The problem I’ve been running into...

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