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Skin Care Solutions introduces the MonaLisa Touch laser

Not everyone grows old gracefully. Many of us go there kicking and screaming, unwilling to accept every line and wrinkle as a mark of distinction or treasured memory. But the change to our faces is only part of the story. Some of us find that our ability to function as happy, healthy, sexually active women becomes impacted virtually...

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Gerri's Closet is in bloom with the freshest spring styles for way less

Spring has sprung, at Gerri’s Closet. “The weather outside may still be touch and go, but here spring has definitely come into full bloom,” says the delightful Gerri Talevich, the warm and gracious owner of one of the most popular consignment shops in Northern Ohio. “We’ve been accepting spring for some time, so we’re already...

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Harlequin Design Studio is creating stress-free kitchen transformations—could yours be next?

Anyone who has ever taken on a project as massive as a kitchen remodel can tell you firsthand how stressful the process can be. From interviewing designers and securing financing to preparing meals in the microwave and trying to keep the rest of the house in order while the heart of the home is under construction, stress can present itself...

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Letting go: Healthy One Weight Loss

Ryan Tompot has always struggled with his weight. As a married father with young children, he knew his unhealthy eating habits were affecting the food choices his kids made. “They were eating horribly, but I didn’t know how to point them in a different direction,” he says. “I was raised on processed foods that came out of a box, so...

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For anyone who loves someone living with dementia, this story is for you

I remember when my grandmother first started showing signs of the disease that would erase us from her thoughts. It was frustrating to not understand why she was behaving the way she was. Why she didn’t seem like herself. Why she was angry, and combative. Later, when she was diagnosed with dementia, our family wasn’t...

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