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A unique gift for dads

To celebrate Father’s Day this year, we are honoring dads for the whole month of June. Beginning Thursday, June 1, there is a $30 off special for any dads needing some deep relaxation, de-stressing and a sense of calm. Most dads just don’t take time for themselves, especially when it comes to self-care. Healthy Solutions has an easy fix...

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Escape the noise; enjoy silence

If it’s hard for you to get any peace and quiet and decompress, we have a solution for you. Not everybody makes the time or has the quiet space to meditate. We offer you that space away from it all to recharge. When experiencing your session in the Harmonic Egg, you are bathed in harmonic frequencies and color that resonate with your cells...

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Harmonize the systems in your body and experience wellness like you’ve never felt before

People are opening their minds to new modalities for healing. Mindfulness and relaxation play an important roles, but it can be difficult to find a quiet, comfortable place to practice mindfulness techniques undisturbed. At Healthy Solutions, we have created the environment and treatments to improve the lives of our clients and offer ongoing...

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Healthy Solutions offers a groundbreaking way to reclaim your peace, achieve mental clarity, and live healthfully

Are you ready to commit to a plan of action to renew your health and get back quality of life? What parts of your personal or professional life need reconstructed? What are you looking forward to manifesting in 2023? If we don’t feel good, other parts of our lives suffer, too. We just won’t have the energy or mental focus to get things...

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Color and sound therapy

I was looking for a holistic modality that would complement my Quantum Biofeedback practice of 18 years. It took three years of searching, but I knew instantly I’d found what I was looking for when I saw the remarkable Harmonic Egg. For anyone looking to change their life on multiple levels, I highly recommend this combo. With Quantum...

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