Healthy Solutions offers a groundbreaking way to reclaim your peace, achieve mental clarity, and live healthfully

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By Jeanne Hall, QBS, HTC Founder, Healthy Solutions, Inc.

Are you ready to commit to a plan of action to renew your health and get back quality of life? What parts of your personal or professional life need reconstructed? What are you looking forward to manifesting in 2023?

If we don’t feel good, other parts of our lives suffer, too. We just won’t have the energy or mental focus to get things done. We feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward, then we feel guilty for not getting things done—a vicious cycle. Being stressed out all the time leads to serious health consequences. You have the power to reverse all of this.

If you’re looking for solutions to help boost your immunity, at Healthy Solutions we have effective options for you.

The immune system is a large network of organs, cells and proteins that are affected by lifestyle habits, toxins and stress levels. Our Quantum Biofeedback, Polychromatic Light Therapy, carefully selected high-quality supplements and the Harmonic Egg cover the whole body, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Our clients have found the Harmonic Egg to be a truly transformative healing tool. Each session is individual. We discuss the person’s intention, then we set the specific music, sound frequencies and colors for that session. The music is designed to reset your nervous system, relax the body and calm the mind—putting things back in balance. It reprograms the body to learn how to manage stress. In time, your body gets stronger, you have more mental clarity and you are able to focus on healthier lifestyle habits to speed up the healing process.

Sound healing is validated by science for many health benefits. Clients have found our yearly membership options a great way to save money, tune up the body monthly, and stick to their goals all year. Do you want to constantly fear getting sick or empower your immune system to be strong? Make health your choice.

Check out the 21st Annual World Sound Healing Day set for Tuesday, February 14, 2023, for the intention of projecting peace throughout the planet and radiating love and appreciation for the earth. To learn more, visit

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