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Are your legs still swollen?

Leg swelling in the summer is not uncommon. That’s because our veins dilate as a part of thermal regulation, that is, regulating the body’s temperature. The hotter the temperature, the more dilation. However, our bodies are adept at adjusting to change in our environment, so after about a month in warmer weather, your legs should acclimate...

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Leg swelling worse in summer

While most people in Northeast Ohio cherish the warm summer months, those with venous health issues—including varicose veins—can find the heat intolerable. That’s because leg swelling is typically worse during the summer. Healthy veins dilate in the heat in order to help manage body temperature, so without proper venous flow,...

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Vein treatment made easy

Because of Covid-19, many of us have delayed taking care of our health. We’ve put off medical appointments, reduced our activity, and experience inflammation related to fear, anxiety and stress. If you are experiencing symptoms related to varicose veins—including leg swelling, pain or fatigue—you may also be inclined to postpone...

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Properly fitting compression

If you see visible signs of varicose veins—including bulging veins and/or spider veins—you may be experiencing inflammation which can lead to leg pain, swelling and other symptoms. But not all venous health issues are visible. Sometimes there are deep vein issues that are not noticeable on the surface of the skin. Either way, one...

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Walk to reduce leg swelling

Due to the widespread inactivity associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are suffering with swollen ankles. At our practice, we’re seeing more and more of these patients, many of whom have been placed on diuretics by their primary care physician even when there is no accompany heart or lung condition. Often, a better alternative...

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