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Ballet Theatre of Ohio brings its celebrated live performance of The Nutcracker back to Akron’s much-beloved Civic Theatre

That old cliché “absence makes the heart grow fonder” certainly holds true when planning to attend Ballet Theatre of Ohio’s upcoming 29th anniversary performance of The Nutcracker. After an...

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Impeccable workmanship and a “do-it-all” approach has made Deck Rescue synonymous with wood restoration

Your home is a big investment. If your house is a log cabin or has wood siding, you are fortunate to own a home of natural beauty. But that beauty requires a few worthwhile maintenance steps to keep...

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Home Appliance’s Avon showroom and design center provides a next-level indoor and outdoor appliance buying experience

Recently, I heard about a grilling event being held at Home Appliance’s Avon showroom and design center. They’ve been open for two years now and smashing sales records every month, despite...

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When it comes to the rejuvenation and maintenance of wood structures, Deck Rescue is a go-to expert

How has this year of changes affected local businesses? Dave Hydock, owner of Deck Rescue in Medina County, was happy to report that all those folks confined to their home were giving their decks...

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With a super sale in progress, a new outdoor grilling patio, and record sales this year, Home Appliance Sales and Service is hot

Sports venues are playing to empty seats. The malls are slowly opening. Restaurants are reopening at partial capacity. So where have the crowds been heading? We were surprised to learn Home...

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