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People, Product, Process: Following the key principles of business sage Marcus Lemonis, of The Profit fame, The Bath Authority has its customers loving what they do

Over the years, I have had the privilege of interviewing many businesses, and you can usually tell the ones bound for success: The employees are engaged and the owners make the business about their...

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Many businesses are in competition for your remodeling project dollar, but few can deliver such an affordable improvement in appearance, maintainability and home value as The Bath Authority

Over the years I have written more than my fair share of home improvement-related articles, and have come to the conclusion that as with many other consumer products, there are three types of home...

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When it comes to maximizing your backyard enjoyment, Deck Rescue has you covered

Dave Hydock and his company Deck Rescue have been on a 27-year journey. As president and founder, he has overseen Deck Rescue’s entry into the home maintenance market with a much-needed home...

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If you act quickly, there’s a place where both adults and children can liberate their hearts, their minds and their courage in a classic battle of good vs. evil…a place called Oz

For a limited engagement, Saturday, April 30, and Sunday, May 1, Ballet Theatre of Ohio (BTO) will transport hundreds of families to Oz, that magical kingdom where we all became a little wiser with...

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Impeccable workmanship and a “do-it-all” approach has made Deck Rescue synonymous with wood restoration

Your home is a big investment. If your house is a log cabin or has wood siding, you are fortunate to own a home of natural beauty. But that beauty requires a few worthwhile maintenance steps to keep...

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