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Who’s handling your digital marketing?

When we ask local business owners who is handling their digital marketing—including their crucial Google My Business listing—some know the answer and some don’t. “Someone claimed my...

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Get a free review of your business’s online presence

When you google a local business, you usually see a panel on the right side of the results page that reveals lots of information about the business—including the name, address, hours, photos,...

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Mimi’s new automated system can help you encourage your customers to create more online reviews

Recently, as my wife and I have been tossing around gift ideas for Christmas, one recurring phrase we commonly use in presenting our case to each other is...“It got great reviews.” For us,...

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Your business's reputation: What consumers are seeing online about your business could shock you

There are many different ways to learn about a new business. Maybe you just read about one in Mimi and are interested in reaching out to them; or your trusted eye doctor recommends laser eye surgery...

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Affordable websites in a “snap”

My wife and I recently decided to remodel our kitchen and master bathroom. The challenge was that we really didn’t know what we wanted. Of course, my wife had plenty of pins on Pinterest, but...

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