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“You can ask questions and get informed about what your body needs. Armed with that power, you can then make choices that impact your overall health and wellness.” —Mike Ventresca, owner

Natural health and wellness, since 1998
Dave and Mike Ventresca spent years delving into the alternative health industry, supplying their oral surgeon father with patient education that fell outside of conventional medicine.

Before long the brothers realized that the demand for what they had to offer was so great, providing people with direct access to education and the tools to change their lives for the better—naturally—was their calling.

They opened Vital Choice Health Store in 1998 and have continued to expand both products and information for visitors from across Northeast Ohio.

It’s a lifestyle, by choice
Because there are so many different paths to personal health and wellness, Vital Choice specializes in offering access to everything from gluten free to paleo products. Personal care items, supplements, and meal replacement products also have a home here.

Many of the supplements available at Vital Choice are the most leading edge, scientifically validated available.

In-house nutritional advice
Vital Choice prides itself on offering customers an experience that goes above and beyond a traditional retail setting. That’s why you’ll find registered dietitian Nicole Gould, RD,LD, on the sales floor answering questions and offering guidance. Clients may schedule one-on-one time with Nicole for personal nutritional counseling and food sensitivity testing.

Nicole also plays a pivotal role in staff education, providing general training and certifications so that every member of the Vital Choice family can be a resource for customers.

“Nicole helps us bridge the gap between a doctor and alternative medicine because she speaks both languages,” says Mike.

Your body is talking to you, are you listening?
Because our bodies use them better, Vital Choice carries vitamins that are considered to be whole food, something you won’t typically find at a mass retailer.

Another area that most of us need to pay attention is the role that inflammation plays in our lives.

Eighty percent of all diseases are related to inflammation. By augmenting our routines with the proper supplements and lifestyle changes, we can reduce inflammation and live healthier, happier lives—naturally.

Vital Choice Health Store offers a 60-day purchase guarantee, which means you can return any item within 60-days of purchase - even if it’s opened. (Void where prohibited by law.)