Enzyme unlocks heart health

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By Mike Ventresca, Vital Choice Healthstore

In 1980, Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi, a researcher for the Japan Ministry of Education, discovered a special enzyme found in natto had potential to improve cardiovascular health by preventing excessive clotting and promoting smoother blood flow. He called it nattokinase.

Nattokinase works by regulating fibrin, a protein involved in blood clot formation. Fibrin slows down blood flow and helps a clot to form when you cut your finger. When this system works properly, the fibrin does its job, but then is dissolved by another substance called plasmin.

Mike Ventresca

When we’re young, we tend to have plenty of plasmin to dissolve the fibrin. However, due to normal aging and other conditions like hypertension and diabetes, plasmin levels decrease. The result is too much fibrin, leading to excessive clotting and slow-moving blood, increasing the risk of heart disease, thrombosis and stroke.

Nattokinase has been shown to break down excess fibrin by increasing the body’s plasmin production. This promotes smoother blood flow through the arteries and reduces the risk of blockages that can lead to heart attacks or strokes.

One of my favorite products is Natto-K from Enzymedica. Natto-K uses a patented form proven to increase plasmin levels. To be effective, nattokinase must be taken on an empty stomach one hour before or two hours after a meal.

Please note, if you are currently taking a prescription blood thinning medication do not take nattokinase without first talking to your doctor.

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