The Himalayan Cave

Himalayan Salt Interior

The cave itself looks just like a cave, but carved from salt rather than earth, with glowing floors and walls of salt, and stalactites hanging from the ceiling. People relax wrapped in blankets in zero-gravity seating. Barely audible spa music pipes in.

While you are snuggled in, a machine called a halo generator grinds Himalayan salt into super fine micro particles and wafts them into the air. 

In addition to the salt cave, there is a smaller salt booth. Housed within a spa treatment suite, it looks very much like a Scandinavian sauna, with pale wood slats, upper and lower wood benches and a glass wall. 

In addition to the salt cave and booth, you can shop from a retail area offering salt lamps and sculptures, as well as edible gourmet Himalayan salts. Within another spa suite, you can enjoy Crystal Reiki Healings. And, there are two different foot sessions including a Vitaflex Foot Massage with young living oils and a Himalayan Salt Foot Scrub with hemp lotion.