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“We love being part of the educational process and our passion comes from the expertise we’ve acquired over the years as teachers and working alongside educators. The thousands of best-in-class products we offer are hand-picked and proven winners.” — Jodi Orihel, owner, Educators at Heart

Owned by Tom and Jodi Orihel, Educators at Heart offers teaching supplies, classroom décor items and educational toys needed to inspire innovative learning spaces and creative supplements to classroom curriculum.

Whether you are a teacher looking for classroom supplies; a parent or tutor searching for the best homeschooling supplies and educational supplies; a parent or grandparent helping a child catch up, brush up or get ahead in any subject; or simply someone looking to give a child an educational toy that will enrich their lives—the teacher store has everything you need.

Since 1986, as one of the largest in the Cleveland-Akron area, the store has sought to make learning more creative, fun and effective.

Expertise that comes from real classroom experience
Most of the staff at Educators at Heart are, or have been, teachers themselves, and they consider that real experience in the classroom to be a differentiator in the shopping experience. Teachers and parents benefit from their practical, hands-on relationship with the products they offer, seeing what works best from an educational perspective.

Helping people open up the world to kids from infancy through eighth grade helps the store serve a vital purpose within the community.

You will find a large selection of craft supplies, the latest toys and special STEM activities, in addition to traditional teacher supplies.

Some top-selling brands include:

• Teacher Created Resources
• Creative Teaching Press
• Trend
• Melissa & Doug®
• Carson Dellosa
• Fat Brain Toys
• Learning Resources
• Educational Insights
• MindWare
• Tedco Toys

The store has expanded its toy department over the years. Educational toys and games have been shown to improve brain function in growing minds, as well as inspire kids to develop necessary skills and become emotionally connected to discovering new subject matter. Child-led play also fosters creativity, imagination and problem-solving, integral skills that can impact children’s futures.