Montrose Laserwash

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"Advanced, effective and touchless care for your family car, antique classic or luxury ride."

Wash away dirt and grime to keep your vehicle clean and help extend its life. At Montrose Laserwash our touchless car wash is guaranteed to never scratch your vehicle. This means no cloths, brushes, or anything other than a blast of clean filtered water and premium soap will touch your car!

The sensors in our touch-free car wash adjust to each vehicle, capable of washing large vehicles including a Hummer or quad-cab pickup with a full-size bed.

With advanced, effective and touchless technology, there are no brush marks, swirl marks, or missed spots on your cars—making us the best car wash in Akron.

Our undercarriage wash uses 1,000 PSI for up to 30 seconds to rinse away salt and grime underneath the car, where all the rust and problems start.

Whether an antique classic, luxury ride or family car, we also can add a premium hot gloss product to make cars look slick and repel dirt.

And if you are looking for a car wash with vacuum, our Quadra-Vacuum station includes a high-powered turbo vacuum and a dry-foam spot remover. Plus you can choose from three fragrances to keep your car’s interior smelling fresh.

Open 24 hours, seven days a week, our laser wash technology gets customers in and out in less than four minutes. Stop by our Montrose car wash and truck wash anytime and drive away with a sparkling clean car!