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“This is not a one-size-fits-all situation. My obligation is to expose seniors to all the options available to them so they can make intelligent choices.”— Steven Fine, DLX Insurance

As a senior citizen himself, Steven Fine of Chesterland is uniquely qualified to help fellow seniors choose a best-fit Medicare plan and insurance company.

With more than 40 years in the industry, he’s well-equipped to offer clients options and solutions based on their specific needs to help make choosing the right insurance company, Medicare plan and plan options simple and easy.

As an independent, certified agent, Steven represents all the top Medicare insurance companies:

• UnitedHealthcare
• Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield
• Humana, Aetna, Medical Mutual
• Buckeye
• Devoted Health and many more

He offers a wide selection of plans that may include no co-pays, zero-dollar premiums, prescription drugs, dental, vision, over-the-counter items and transportation to doctor’s visits.

Following a Client-Based Approach
Steven takes pride in putting the client first and follows through with a level of customer service that includes clear and consistent communications.

To make things convenient, he either goes to the client’s home to go over all the paperwork, or simply handles the process virtually via email or regular mail. Clients just initial and sign documents electronically. And they know they can call him anytime and they will get an answer.

Several times a year, Steven reaches out to his clients to make sure they are happy with their plans, and even offers personal annual reviews to make sure they are always enrolled in the plan that continues to best fit their needs and not missing out on changes that might have taken place with their company or plan.