You’re just three minutes away from an entirely new you with Core Elite Wellness Fit Cryo

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Victoria Kilpatrick is a medical professional and the owner and founder of Core Elite Wellness Fit Cryo. It’s one of the first cryo centers in Cleveland to offer whole-body Cryo Science Arctic chamber and Cryo Penguin localized cryotherapy, all at an affordable cost. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mary Malik

Being elite isn’t just for athletes. We can all strive to be elite in our own lives, regardless of age or fitness level. Elite performance means something different for everyone. And just like athletes, we can all use some help getting there.

“We believe health is wealth and that everyone is elite and deserves the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of real, science-based cryotherapy technology,” says Core Elite Wellness Fit Cryo owner and founder, Victoria Kilpatrick.

“Whether you’re training for a marathon, want to be pain free in your daily activities or you just want to lose a few pounds and feel your best, one of our comprehensive cryotherapy services will help you achieve it.”

Cryotherapy is short time periods of exposure to very low temperatures that mobilizes the immune system by increasing the number of circulating white blood cells, reducing cortisol levels by increasing endorphins and improving blood circulation resulting in removal of toxins. Core Elite Wellness Fit Cryo in Solon provides comprehensive cryotherapy services and health and wellness treatments that may provide relief and help manage many health issues.

Cryotherapy can help with injury recovery, arthritis and chronic pain, depression and mood disorders, female hormonal changes, tendon and joint inflammation, headaches, hangovers, allergy symptoms, skin conditions and reduce pain and swelling following cosmetic and surgical procedures.

Core Elite Cryo’s localized treatment cryo equipment treats inflammation, slimming and toning, and more.

“At Core Elite Wellness Fit Cryo, we use our state of the art, whole body cryochamber, °Cryo Science Arctic, the safest on the market that actively measures temperatures and provides a personal sanctuary of fully breathable and filtered air,” says Victoria.

“For localized cryotherapy and Cryo Facials, we use our °Cryo Penguin device to specifically target those areas of your body that require special attention and apply cryogenically cooled air to the face.”

As a former ballet dancer, Victoria understands physical pain as a result of stress and injury. With more common cryotherapy—where the head sticks out of the top of the machine—she had little success in reducing her pain.

Victoria Kilpatrick and the staff at Core Elite Cryo are dedicated to the health and safety of their clients.

“I am an esthetician and a nurse with extensive medical training and my husband is a doctor,” says Victoria. “After trying whole body cryotherapy for the first time in Europe in 1986, I researched the topic thoroughly, worked closely with experts, tried all available equipment and decided to bring these science-based treatments back home.”

Every visit to Core Elite Wellness Fit Cryo is a private, sanitary wellness experience that starts with a brief evaluation during which Victoria recommends the best treatment for your specific needs. Every service offered takes place in an individual, private room, where every health and safety precaution has been taken.

“This is a medical facility and premium wellness studio,” says Victoria. “Even before Covid-19, we were dedicated to the health and safety of our clients. Our comprehensive cryotherapy services, optimal health treatments and wellness innovations help our clients achieve their health, beauty, recovery, pain relief, weight loss, immune boosting and ultimate performance goals.”

Core Elite Wellness Fit Cryo is your personal ally during stressful times. Each visit is a private, sanitary wellness experience that starts with a brief evaluation during which Victoria recommends the best treatment for your specific needs. Every service offered takes place in an individual, private room, where every health and safety precaution has been taken.

Whole-Body Cryotherapy
Cryotherapy in the Cryo Science Arctic chamber is scientifically proven to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, support the immune system, help manage arthritis and other degenerative conditions, and burn up to 800 calories per session.

Whole-body cryotherapy improves athletic and post-surgical recovery, skin firmness, collagen production and more. Each session lasts just two to three minutes in a private treatment room.

Cryo Localized Therapy
Cryo Penguin cryotherapy targets isolated areas of the body focusing on swelling and inflammation, slimming and toning, nerve damage, migraines and skin problems.

“Localized cryotherapy can reduce cellulite, heal scar tissue and reduce pain and swelling due to wisdom teeth removal and dental implants,” says Victoria.

Cryo T-Shock
T-Shock Pagani Cryo Slimming and Toning is a non-surgical body contouring and fat reduction treatment that produces quick results without pain or recovery time. The treatment uses alternating heat and cold cycles to reduce fat deposits and the appearance of cellulite. For facials, it restores collagen and shrinks pores.

“We are the only cryotherapy studio to offer the Adicell Thermography diagnostic along with this treatment,” says Victoria. “It tells you exactly what’s underneath your skin, making treatments individualized and more effective.”

The wellness pod offers infrared, dual radiant heat and a dry air sauna system with gentle vibrations and soothing aromatherapy

Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod
Discover the perfect balance of body and mind conditioning in your own relaxing wellness pod with an ergonomic, antimicrobial bed. The infrared dual radiant heat and dry air sauna system includes gentle vibrations and soothing aromatherapy.

“The pod provides a built-in exercise fitness system with dynamic bands of different resistance levels to customize a workout session,” says Victoria.

Core Elite’s infrared LED is an FDA approved light therapy providing a safe and natural pain free treatment that stimulates cellular repair and reduces inflammation.

Infrared LED
FDA-approved light therapy is a safe and natural pain-free treatment that stimulates cellular repair and reduces inflammation. The Joovv PBM (Photobiomodulation) system exposes the face and body to visible and infrared light to help with pain, wound healing and skin conditions like acne and eczema.

Advanced Compression
The Boa Max2 is a 24-compression chamber system that is used alone or in conjunction with other therapies, including beauty treatments, slimming and cellulite reduction, sports rehabilitation, lymphatic drainage and general well-being.

Oxygen Bar/Detox
At the oxygen bar, clients breathe over 90 percent pure oxygen and aromatherapy from a disposable nasal cannula.

“After oxygen therapy, clients report feeling less stress and have improved focus and concentration,” says Victoria.

Core Elite Wellness Fit Cryo is located at 33315 Aurora Rd. in Solon, in the Solon Square Shopping Center. For more information and updated hours of operation, check the website, or or email or call 440-600-2655.