Yes, there is a treatment for peripheral neuropathy

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Many neuropathy sufferers describe the condition as “walking on tacks.” Other symptoms may include weakness, numbness and sleeplessness. Now, Broadview Health Center is finding relief for patients with leading-edge treatments.

By Mimi Vanderhaven

Peripheral neuropathy is a common condition resulting from damage to smaller blood vessels and nerves, most often in the extremities. Its symptoms include weakness, numbness, burning, and a painful sensation of “pins and needles.” It’s associated with diabetes, pre-diabetes and chemotherapy.

If you’ve been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and been told there is nothing that can be done for you, please read on.

“Many of our patients who suffer from neuropathy say they feel like they’re walking on sharp tacks,” says Dr. Frank Dachtler, the founder of Broadview Health Center and HealthyOne Weight Loss. “And some lose sleep because they can’t stand the bed sheets touching them. They also say doctors have told them there is nothing they can do short of prescribing drugs like gabapentin or Lyrica. But that’s just not true. We’re finding success with our patients every day—without drugs.”

Dr. Dachtler’s multi-pronged treatment plan includes a nutritional component and a leading-edge, nerve-rebuilding technique employing electrical stimulus and infrared light therapy, both of which help reactive damaged nerves and blood vessels.

“There are other infrared therapies out there, but many are ineffective,” Dr. Dachtler explains. “That’s because the treatment must be highly specific—an extremely particular wavelength of light—otherwise it doesn’t work.”

One key benefit of working with Broadview Health Center is the ability to do in-home treatments. “If you’re not in a position to travel to our offices frequently, we can teach you how to perform the treatments at home,” Dr. Dachtler says. “That way we can limit your in-office visits to about once a month.”

Lose 20-40 Pounds in 6-8 Weeks
In addition to treating neuropathy and other nerve conditions, Dr. Dachtler offers one of the most successful weight loss regimens in the region. In his HealthyOne Weight Loss program, he serves as a health coach who will help you create a healthy relationship with food. You’ll work directly with him to identify goals and develop a program based on your specific lifestyle, body type and nutritional needs.

“We help our patients re-learn how to eat and to understand which food combinations are best for their body type,” he explains. “But it’s not just about looking better in a swimsuit. It’s about improving your overall health and the quality and longevity of your life.”

Because Dr. Dachtler is personally involved in your success, he is limited to 20 new patients per month. Once you sign up, you and he will lay out an initial program, involving what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it. And there are no pre-packaged foods to buy. “Everything we recommend can be bought at your local grocery store,” he says. “If you cannot buy it at a grocery store, it’s unlikely to become a permanent lifestyle change.”

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