With a talented team of design and construction professionals at Daveron Design + Build, no detail is left unaccounted for and no project is the same

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BEFORE: The homeowner’s goal was to honor her mother, the original “designer” of this unique home.

By Katie Capek and Sarah Simpson, Interior Designers; Daveron Design + Build

As a full-service design and build company, the team at Daveron Design + Build works with clients from conception to completion of their projects. Kitchen and bath renovations, master and guest suite additions, basement finishing and remodeling, new home builds and anything you can imagine both indoors and out, Daveron Design + Build is your home renovation partner from start to finish.

For a recent kitchen project in a 1990 Cleveland Heights home, originally designed by Cleveland architect and urban planner Alfred Yanda, it was important to the homeowner that the kitchen renovation remain true to the original design. The homeowner remembered her mother’s involvement in the design and desire for the home’s unique, woodsy, natural setting to be reflected in the finished product.

Alfred Yanda was known for his contemporary architecture and use of large windows, skylights and lofty ceilings in his designs, a perfect match with the homeowner’s desire to bring the outside in.

Daveron’s goal was to preserve the original layout of the kitchen, with the large windows and skylight exposing the beauty of the natural setting of this home and to enhance that theme even further by including some custom, natural wood features inside the kitchen.

AFTER: Although people often perceive “custom” work to be more expensive than regular cabinets, Daveron Design + Build owners Dave Mullet and Ron Eddy report they essentially cut out the middleman and work directly with the cabinetmakers. (Note the beautiful custom live-edge island countertop.)

Daveron Design + Build was up to the task of striking what can be a challenging balance between updating one room while keeping the integrity of the architecture and design of the home intact. In this case, that meant using natural, organic materials for cabinetry and an 11-foot island top.

For custom cabinets and wood elements, Daveron Design + Build turns to their sister company, an Amish woodworking shop to help create unique peices. This particular project went a step further and included another shop that works solely with giant wood slabs recovered from trees. The client selects their slab, in this case from a walnut tree, creates a stunning showpiece for the island, countertop or vanity with the shop’s signature live or rough edge, just like the island top in Cleveland Heights.

Honoring the Original Designer “We also needed to be extra careful in demolition of the original island as the homeowner’s mother designed the tile top and placed each tile by hand herself. The construction team at Daveron Design + Build painstakingly removed the tiles so the current homeowner could repurpose them into coasters to be passed on to her siblings. It was very important to the family that we replicate the original kitchen layout while updating the island, lighting, cabinetry and more. The homeowner’s goal was to honor her mother, the original “designer” of this unique home,” explains the designers.

At Daveron, Katie and Sarah understand that for many clients it isn’t always about a complete gut and renovation job. No matter what the renovation, addition or outdoor project calls for, we take the time to ask the right questions and really listen to the client’s needs and their specific vision. As a design and build company, we are all working together so that vision never gets lost as the project progresses. Our goal is to be sure that, together, we achieve the client’s dream for their home. We understand that each project is personal. And, just like in the Cleveland Heights home, sometimes a renovation means updating for the future while staying connected to the past.

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