With a passion for locally grown produce, Miles Farmers Market takes farm-to-table fare to an entirely new level

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In addition to apples this fall, Miles Farmers Market has one of the area’s biggest displays of pumpkins and gourds, along with hardy mums, skirting the front of the store.

By Laura Briedis

While most of the country experienced weather extremes this year from record-high temperatures to droughts or flooding, Northeast Ohio had a relatively mild summer—boding well for local crops.

At Miles Farmers Market, there are bountiful local fruits and vegetables to savor heading into fall.

Last of Summer Flavor
Three of Ohio’s summer crops—corn, peaches and melons—are still being harvested.

“The first batch of Ohio corn was harvested and delivered in July and there will be bins of locally grown corn at the market until October, all the way through clambake season,” says store manager Justin Golobek.

He says to get local peaches while you still can. From Redhaven and Coral Star to some more unique varieties such as Purple Peaches and Double 07, Miles Farmers Market still has an appreciable selection of this favorite fruit.

Dozens of varieties of freshly harvested apples are arriving this fall.

“Local peaches are more flavorful because they are left on the tree longer to ripen as they don’t have to be shipped across the country,” says Justin. “They literally are on the tree one day and in our store the next day.”

Local melons are still abundant. Miles carries a large variety, including black diamond watermelons, yellow and orange watermelons, along with honeydew, cantaloupe and honeyrock, just to name a few.

Fall Harvest is Here
Just when one fruit is at the end of the growing season, another is starting to crop up.

“The cooler weather provides perfect growing conditions for cabbage, hard squash, broccoli and cauliflower,” Justin says. “Plus, we are getting in grapes, prune plums and lots of apples.”

The first variety of apples to come in are Premier Honeycrisps, which will be followed by dozens and dozens of varieties throughout the fall. During the fall and into the winter, the store sells fresh-pressed apple cider.

“The arrival of cooler nights will help the sugars develop to make the apples sweeter, and our local farmers expect a good crop of apples this year,” Justin notes.

In addition to apples this fall, Miles Farmers Market has one of the area’s biggest displays of pumpkins and gourds, along with hardy mums, skirting the front of the store. More than just your typical orange pumpkins, you will find shades of white and yellow and some with wart-like growths to add some interest.

The mounds of pumpkins make a perfect fall backdrop to take some photos while shopping.

The staff at Miles Farmers Market is gearing up for the fall harvest and upcoming winter holidays.

Holidays Are Fast Approaching
If you feel stressed just thinking about the upcoming holidays, take comfort in knowing that Miles Farmers Market is here to help make your food preparation easy.

“There will be meals in the bistro ready for you to take home and serve, freshly baked pies and sweets in the bakery, and beef and poultry aplenty in the butcher shop,” says store manager Justin Golobek. “Plus, if you want to leave the cooking to us, our catering department can do it all.”

Locally grown corn is here through clambake season.

Here’s what Miles is planning:

There will be two options: cooked or raw MiddleNeck clams. For those who like to do a clambake in their back yard, shop for everything you need from corn and sweet potatoes to chicken and steak. And if you want everything cooked for you, Miles’ catering department can customize any clambake.

Known for the freshest and tastiest turkeys in town, Miles sells free-range turkeys that are fresh—never frozen—and antibiotic-free. Look for turkey sizes ranging from 12 pounds up to 24 pounds, plus all the trimmings.

Christmas & Hanukkah
The store will be stocked with everything needed for tasty family meals, plus a huge selection of themed gift baskets.

For more information, call the Miles Farmers Market catering department at 440-248-5222.

Miles Farmers Market is located at 28560 Miles Road, in Solon. Visit MilesFarmersMarket.com for store details.

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