With a garage makeover from Encore Garage Ohio, you can add value to your home and reclaim usable space

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By Adam Cook

When you open the garage door, it’s open for anyone passing by and, for better or worse, reflects on the rest of your home. When a passerby pauses and rummages through a stack of old books you’d forgotten about or makes an offer on a box of baby clothes, you know it’s not for the better.

If it looks like you’re having a garage sale anytime you open the garage door, it’s time to declutter and make the space as stunning as the rest of your home.

A Domestic Dumping Ground
“After a lifetime of purchasing bikes, holiday decorations and gardening tools, the garage became a domestic dumping ground,” says Mike Padden, owner of Encore Garage Ohio. “After the kitchen and baths, it’s the final frontier.”

Encore Garage uses its know-how and system of heavy-duty cabinets, spacious workbenches, sturdy organization systems and showroom-quality lighting to reclaim and redefine the space, reinvigorating garages long in hibernation.

“Many of our customers come to us after encountering lackluster results with their spring garage cleaning, when they tried to clear out the dirt and salt left over from the winter slush. But there’s always more than a few months of dirty build-up, and usually years of neglect,” Mike says.

A New Garage Floor
After so many years of deterioration, it’s time to refinish the concrete floor. Today, many are stepping up to a polyaspartic floor that’s flexible, durable, and designed to hold up through the years against anything it’s put through.

With new technological advancements, the garage is no longer just the garage.

“Polyaspartic floors are easy to clean, abrasive resistant, and the finishes are phenomenal,” Mike says. “The garage has become another room in the house that people are proud to show off.”

And it’s not as expensive as it looks.

“Doing the floor and remodeling the garage is usually less costly than remodeling a half-bath,” Mike says. “A garage sale might even cover it.”

Set the stage for a clean, organized, and aesthetically pleasing extension of your home with Encore Garage, based in Akron at 1570 Akron Peninsula Road, Suite 6. Get started and visit EncoreGarageOhio.com or call 330-922-4411 to schedule a free consultation.