When a loved one passes, liquidating the estate really can be easy and stress-free

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(L-R) Real estate agent Jessica Chodaczek, estate sale services professional Tony Ottaviano, and Attorney Christina Hronek are experts when it comes to estate liquidation and can sensitively make the process an easy one. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mary Malik

The aftermath of a death often comes with burdens both emotional and practical. When people die without putting specific plans into place, things can get complicated— especially when a home filled with a lifetime of possessions is left behind.

Attorney Christina Hronek, estate sale services professional Tony Ottaviano and real estate agent Jessica Chodaczek have separate careers but often come across people in their work who are dealing with this situation and would benefit from the services they each have to offer. To help them navigate through one of life’s most stressful and often unexpected events, the three have combined their specific areas of expertise to guide people with knowledge and compassion. Together they formulate and execute a plan with the goals of settling the estate, clearing out the home and getting it sold.

Christina Hronek, Hronek Law, LLC

“My practice involves estate planning, trust and probate, guardianship and real estate law,” says Christina. “When a loved one passes, assets need to efficiently and economically transfer from decedent to heir, however this needs to be done with a compassionate touch.”

Christina sees many clients needing help with the clean-out and sale of a home they weren’t prepared to navigate.

“I’ll devise then execute a plan to simplify the process as well as get the house sold and the estate settled quickly,” says Christina. “I advise clients to be prepared, choose good people who are ready to be executor of your own will and inform them of your wishes. It doesn’t have to be complicated.”

Tony Ottaviano, Liquidation Project

“I first meet with the client at the home to see where they are in the process of clearing out the contents, then we put a plan in place to move forward,” says Tony. “After the family removes what they want, we will hold an estate sale if appropriate, then discard or donate what’s left. The family is as involved as they want to be.”

At the end of this process, Tony assures clients the home is ready to be sold.

“My goal is closure for the family,” says Tony. “I want them to feel good about the process and help them move on. We’ll get rid of what you don’t want and you keep your memories.”

Jessica Chodaczek, The Chodaczek Team at LoFaso Real Estate

As a licensed real estate agent, Jessica knows how to professionally market a home and price it to sell. She also knows this is an emotional time for clients that requires understanding and patience.

“My goal is a fast and efficient sale, but I never want to push,” says Jessica. “In this situation, the house is often an unexpected expense for the heirs. I will ease that burden, maximize the value of the property and guide the client through a smooth transaction with respect and compassion.”

Through contacts in their individual careers, Christina, Tony and Jessica also provide an extended network of professionals who can do what needs to be done to prepare the home for sale, saving you time and money and relieving the pressure of a difficult experience.

For more information contact:

Christina Hronek, Hronek Law, 3505 E. Royalton Rd., Suite 200, Broadview Heights, OH 44147. 440-546-5290. Email christina@hronek-law.com or check the website Hronek-Law.com.

Tony Ottaviano, Liquidation Project Estate Sale Services, 216-532-3132. Email liquidationproject@outlook.com or check the website LiquidationProject.com.

Jessica Chodaczek, LoFaso Real Estate, 216-407-8896. Email jessica@soldwithjessica.com or find her on Facebook at JChodaczekRealtor.