Use the talents of the Guhde Flooring America team for good, and enjoy a gorgeous new space that’ll be the envy of the galaxy

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Customers who shop Guhde Flooring America have the power of a team of top design and installation specialists behind them. Fortunately, they’re located right in Mentor—instead of a galaxy far, far away. Find out how to get your next project started. Photography: Felicia Vargo

By Patricia Nugent

They might not exactly hail from a galaxy far, far away, but the forward-thinking minds over at Guhde Flooring America know how to battle the evil empire and strike back with out-of-the-box design concepts and one-stop shopping.

In the constant universal struggle between the light side (family-owned retail stores) and the dark side (big box stores) of the force, at Guhde you’ll find their sabers are drawn and lit.

The force is indeed strong with these jedis of home renovation. They are seasoned experts with years of experience. If you flirt with the dark side, you’ll find you may need to go store to store to seek what you want, only to discover that those who work there cannot help you on your mission. And by the time you find out it was a mistake, as far as your home is concerned, it’ll be too late.

As Obi-Wan Kenobi once remarked, “Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them.” In other words, don’t be trapped and fooled by the lure of super-low prices at the big boxes. In the end, you won’t even know who is manning your ship.

At Guhde’s, you’ll find everything under the star system you need, from start to finish, idea to design, to ordering the best products, to installation and a job well done.

The Guhde Flooring America team has taken great care to curate a selection of trending and popular lines in its decked-out design studio, everything needed for your home renovation.

As the local leaders in kitchen and bath transformations, the Guhde family, much like the first Star Wars movie from decades ago, possesses the staying power to keep generation after generation enthralled and amazed.

“Starting with my grandfather in 1957, then to my father and mother, then to my brother Michael, and my husband Shawn and I, we have all stood the test of time,” says Office Manager Monica Guhde-Rosa. “We’ve taken great care to curate a selection of trending and popular lines in our decked-out design studio, everything needed for your home renovation.”

Mod Mosaics
Taking a cue from their customers, Guhde Flooring America opened its Kitchen and Bath Design Center several years ago.

Full-sized room vignettes give people a nice glimpse of all that’s possible in home renovation, from flooring to cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes, lighting, fixtures and more.

“In planning the Center, we decided to carry numerous product lines, so people can get what they want no matter their budget, whether it’s the value lines or high-end customized options,” says Shawn Rosa. “And having rooms to spark your imagination is much better than smaller samples.”

The designers travel to annual renovation shows across the country to stay ahead of emerging trends.

Out-of-this-World Design Ideas
The designers at Guhde have earned a reputation for boldly going where others have not. (Sorry, that was Star Trek.) Take, for instance, a current shower installation. The client wanted a mix of freeform and modern, a falling water effect running down the wall and moving into the floor.

“It’s the juxtaposition of distinctly organic-looking pebble tile undulating on a path through rigid and striated tile,” says Sales Manager Shawn Rosa. “The effect is striking…eye-arresting. I would say that now more than ever, people want to have more fun and blur the edges of home design and true works of art. We love pushing the boundaries.”

Balance of Design
The early stages of a shower installation shown here includes a balance of design between freeform and modern. Sales Manager Shawn Rosa notes that the client wanted a falling water effect running down the wall and moving into the floor.

Look for photos of the finished bathroom and more of an explanation of this fabulous master bath creation in next month’s Mimi magazine.

Guhde Flooring America is located in the Platinum Building, at 7200 Center Street, Suite 110 on the terrace level, in Mentor. Access to the Design Studio and parking are in the back of the building. Backed by the buying power of a 500-store nationwide retail flooring group, Guhde Flooring America offers its clients some of the lowest prices, best warranties, and widest selections in the industry. Call 440-639-1990 or visit for more information.