Trade in your yo-yo diet for a total mind, body and metabolic transformation with Empowering Punch—in just 12 weeks

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Paul Scianna, former professional boxer and owner of Empowering Punch.

By Olivia Bloom

Summer break signifies fun in the sun, but it can also represent a break in one’s fitness routine or healthy habits. Routine is what most people rely on to stay on track with their weight management. But for many, the lack of structure in the summer derails their fitness and nutritional efforts.

Empowering Punch, the unique, boxing-themed personal training and weight-loss studio, is aware of this trend, and has the comeback solution. The results-driven studio is now in its 13th year of business and continues to deliver countless weight-loss success stories.

“Any successful weight-loss program includes fitness, nutrition and accountability,” explains Danyl Scianna, certified personal trainer, wellness coach, and wife of Empowering Punch owner Paul Scianna. “But we take it one step further.”

“Most people struggle with weight loss, and even more so with weight management, simply because they were never taught correctly. Our goal is to change all that,” she says.

Shown here is client Maryann Wahib, before and after joining Empowering Punch.

Master trainer Paul Scianna opened the studio after retiring from professional boxing. Due to his years of experimentation with cutting weight for fights, he has developed a unique and easy-to-follow weight-loss system that has made him one of the most sought-after nutrition experts in the industry.

Empowering Punch weight-loss program participants shed anywhere from 8-15 pounds per month. According to Paul, the significant results are attributed to his flexible method of healthy eating and lack of dieting.

“We not only allow indulgences, but we also encourage them,” Paul exclaims. “The minute someone feels deprived, the hunger and cravings kick in uncontrollably. It’s human nature and happens to even the most disciplined athletes.”

“Our programs are so successful because we teach sustainability. True success occurs only when you can sustain your results,” he says. “If you can’t identify or truly understand why you overeat or what you’re doing wrong, how can you possibly be expected to manage your weight? We knew we had to provide another layer in our programs to empower people to not only achieve weight loss, but to also really understand it.”

Beginning October 1, Empowering Punch is offering a brand-new Mind, Body and Metabolic 12-Week Transformation. This carefully cultivated program is more comprehensive and inclusive than anything it has ever offered and is set up to yield a minimum of 25 pounds lost over the 12-week period.

The program includes all the vital elements. Workouts with a certified personal trainer are held two to three days per week in a small group ranging from two to six people. “Training with a group dramatically increases accountability,” Danyl shares. “It’s easy to quit on yourself, but when you have a trainer and your group waiting for you to show up, the success rate of both attendance and adherence skyrockets.”

Shown here is client Mike Incorvaia Jr., before and after joining Empowering Punch.

Another exciting benefit is 12 weeks’ worth of done-for-you meal plans. “A common challenge for many of our clients is how to create balanced meals while keeping healthy food from getting boring or bland,” Paul asserts. “We not only provide a custom caloric nutrition plan for every client, but we’ve also taken it to the next level and designed the meals for them.”

The 12-Week Transformation also includes unlimited fitness classes, which are available either in-person at the Strongsville studio or live online. To add even more flexibility, clients have full access to the Empowering Punch app, which delivers fitness at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Most importantly, the couple stresses, is the educational component.

The education component consists of live weekly zoom calls teaching things like how to speed up your metabolism, mindset reset, overcoming eating triggers, holiday eating, cooking demos and much more.

“You’ll have tons of fun getting fit and you’ll learn while you lose, just in time for the holidays,” assures Paul. “The more we can empower our clients with the education they need to really understand their bodies and how they work, the better shot they have at long-term success.”

For more information about the 12-Week Transformation, visit Empowering Punch is located inside the Southpark Mall in Strongsville. Call 440-572-2270 to find out more.