To answer the call for better services, Blue Lake Cleaning offers carpet, home and air duct cleaning

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Started as a carpet cleaning company, Blue Lake Cleaning has morphed into a full-service cleaning company offering carpet cleaning, in-home cleaning and duct cleaning. Pictured right are Erica Mitchell and Telli, a Bernese Mountain dog.

By Patricia Nugent

With a mission to deliver cleaner air, fresher homes and beautified living spaces, Blue Lake Cleaning has evolved over the past eight years from a carpet cleaning company to adding an air duct cleaning division and home cleaning, with a side of business consulting.

A Cool Blue Backstory
As a former sheriff’s deputy for Geauga County, Nate Mitchell worked a frenetic schedule of 12-hour shifts that afforded little time off.

Not one to rest on his laurels, he flexed his entrepreneurial spirit and started a carpet cleaning business, naming it Blue Lake Cleaning to honor his civil servant pride. It specializes in deep clean carpeting, upholstery, tile and grout.

Blue Lake Cleaning, founded by Geauga County former sheriff deputy Nate Mitchell is proud of the fact that most of his employees are first responders, nurses and military personnel.

When word got out within his professional peers, it was easy to hire more off-duty officers. One thing led to another, and his first responder-staffed company has grown by leaps and bounds, now employing a hard-working group of off-duty police officers, fire fighters, nurses, and military.

“Our customers feel a deep level of trust in us,” he says. “We do the best job with the highest quality equipment at a competitive price. These are our core values: honesty, integrity and commitment. We only use all-natural, people-friendly and pet-friendly products, whether for carpet cleaning or home cleaning. Customers love the small-batch, essential oil-based His Daughter home cleaning products, made in Middelfield. I wouldn’t use anything in your house I wouldn’t use in mine.”

With two dogs (Telli and Ellie), chickens in the backyard, a 2-year-old son named Dawson, and wife Erica, it’s a busy house indeed.

How’s Your Indoor Air Quality?
“If I was at a home cleaning the carpet and noticed people’s air vents were clogged with debris, I would mention it to them as a courtesy,” he says. “It seemed they had trouble finding a good duct cleaning company. In 2021, I researched the industry and invested in negative air cleaning technology.”

Here’s how it works: They hook a hose up to your furnace and suck out the debris from your vents into a container unit on a truck.

“People have become more concerned with the quality of the air they breathe,” says Nate, who recommends you clean your ducts at least every five years, more if you suffer from a compromised breathing condition.

Last year, as an extension of the air cleaning, he tapped into another first responder staff pool of off-duty nurse’s assistants to launch a home-cleaning division.

Carpet cleaning
Dryer vent cleaning
Air duct cleaning

Looks Like New Carpeting
A quick peruse of online reviews yields nothing but perfect five-star nods.

“We had our very light-colored, very stained and dirty carpet cleaned by Blue Lake yesterday. I never expected the stains to disappear. I was hoping for some, or any improvement. Somehow, they got the stains out completely. It looks like new carpeting. I was so impressed with this company. They were punctual, professional, friendly and efficient. I’m so happy to support a local business and their pricing is reasonable and competitive,” says Chris Metrick.

Beyond the Badge
His businesses have become so successful, it’s a natural that others would want the recipe for Nate’s secret sauce.

Recently he founded the Beyond the Badge Entrepreneur mentor program.

“For police officers and firefighters out there looking for side work that’s rewarding and profitable, we lend them practical advice and strategies for finding the best fit for maximum growth,” says Nate.

Headquartered in Chardon, Blue Lake Cleaning cleans and beautifies homes all over Lake, Geauga and Cuyahoga counties. Call 440-862-9099 or visit for more information.

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