Titan Arbor Care is owned and operated by certified arborists who specialize in the health of trees

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By Adam Cook

Transforming your yard into a thriving green haven takes more than trimming a few branches. The right tree care provider brings expertise, precision and a deep understanding of tree biology, ensuring your trees look their best and remain healthy and resilient for years to come.

Jay Dalton, Jeremy Rolf and Tyler Honsaker, the co-owners of Titan Arbor Care, embody this expertise as certified arborists. They bring their know-how to every project, so your landscape is in capable hands.

“It begins with knowledge,” Jay explains. “We’ve undergone extensive education and training, resulting in our certification as arborists. We adhere rigorously to the highest industry standards, tailoring tasks to the time of year, specific tree species and specialized techniques.”

The proficiency and precision of a practiced hand can reduce threats to tree health, such as oak wilt, a destructive fungal disease that causes leaves to wilt, discolor and fall off.

Understanding and implementing effective plant and tree health care practices, like the targeted fungicide injections that Titan Arbor Care provides, can protect healthy trees near infection sites as a preventative measure, though they are not a cure.

A reliable tree care provider should promptly remove and properly dispose of infected trees to prevent the disease from spreading.

“A tree is either a benefit or hindrance,” Jay says. “Our stump grinding machine is designed to go anywhere and dig deep enough to get every last scrap out with minimal disruption. We leave your yard better than we found it by hauling away grindings, spreading fresh topsoil and planting grass right away.”

Titan Arbor Care prioritizes the long-term health and successful growth of every tree it touches.

“Selecting the right tree for the right spot is where we showcase our expertise as certified arborists,” Jay says. “We understand each tree’s potential growth, dimensions, growth rate and environmental adaptations. We account for sunlight exposure, soil moisture and traffic patterns. We’ll replace the wrong tree in the wrong place with the right tree in the right place.”

Guard your yard. Call 216-586-6955. Titan Arbor Care is standing by. For a complete list of services, visit Titan ArborCare.com.

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