There’s nothing ordinary about Floorz

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As an area leader in the flooring industry and a premier dealer for Karastan products, Brian Erickson’s Floorz stores are changing the way we enjoy what’s underfoot. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Beth Newcomb

Premier: First in order of importance. That’s just one way to describe Brian Erickson’s Floorz stores, with locations in Montrose, Strongsville, and a brand-new standout in Mayfield Heights. Lots of customers consider Floorz to be premier. But, just as important, Karastan, the maker of better carpeting, hardwood, and luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring does, too.

What that means to Brian is that his Floorz stores are treated to “first-off-the-production line” products, before, or if ever, they get to other flooring stores. Floorz also enjoys the opportunity to present to customers exclusive savings opportunities, such as 0% interest for three years, with the added bonus of saving 10% off an entire purchase.

In addition to classic lines line Karastan, Mohawk and Shaw, Brian Erickson’s Floorz also delves into the boutique lines, like Godfrey Hirst, Stanton, Emser, Soho Mosaics and Karndean Design Luxury Flooring among others. In fact, so impressive is the selection at Floorz that interior designers regularly send their clients here.

“Not all flooring stores are considered to be premier by Karastan,” Brian shares. “We enjoy that honor because of our high sales volume, dedication to customer service, and our five-star ratings. We also must carry a certain mix of products, and we do. Our stores are packed with Karastan values, and we’ve just launched the new lines offered by the company. So, when you visit, you’re going to see only the latest and greatest this respected company has to offer.”

Karastan only wants to align with the best, which is why you won’t find the company’s products in every corner flooring store or the box stores.

“We’ve been carrying this brand for eight years and our customers appreciate the fact that they’ll always find the newest offerings here,” Brian says.

A feature in Mayfield, the Godfrey Hirst line is designed and manufactured by the same company that produces Karastan. It has some similarities while being different enough to offer additional options.

Karastan only wants to align with the best, which is why you won’t find the company’s products in every corner flooring store or the box stores.

The Road to Premier
It takes hard work and a commitment to being the best to rise above the competition. Brian has been in the flooring industry for 23 years, with his Floorz stores taking flight 11 years ago.

What started as a two-person business and one location has grown to a 55-person business with three locations and a dedicated centralized warehouse in Brecksville to streamline the entire order/installation process.

Among the team members are top interior designers who make it their mission to collaborate with customers and help them visualize what’s possible.

“Each store is a design center,” Brian says. “But where we shine is our unique ability to capture our customers’ wants and needs and pair them with the flooring choices that are best for them. Our designers will meet with customers in the store or go to their homes. We even use state-of-the-art room viewing technology to show customers how their choices will look in their home.”

Just in time for National Karastan Month, Floorz is packed with beautiful new vignettes featuring the line. These fresh offerings have been paired with unprecedented savings and financing opportunities, so the time to buy is now.

“You can go anywhere to purchase flooring. Here it’s a collaboration between our entire team and the customer,” he continues. “There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to buying flooring from us. And we’re not interested in pushing people into a product that won’t work for them, their family and their lifestyle. We take the time to make sure our customers are delighted with their purchase, and our white-glove service comes standard on every job.”

Premier Service
“We have a management team in place, a full-time warranty administrator, designers and installation crews dedicated to operational excellence,” Brian says. “Every part of every project is integrated into cloud technology so any person within our organization can access the job. That way, our customers can be kept informed.”

The state-of-the-art warehouse located in Brecksville houses millions of square feet of project material and every job, down to the last nail, carpet tack or tube of caulk, is prepped before it ever enters a customer’s home. That way, there’s never an interruption on the job because of missing materials. And no fewer than 18 crews head out across Northeast Ohio each day to professionally install each project.

“People vote with their money, and we’re humbled and grateful to have risen to the top as a result,” Brian states. “Here you’ll find the best design, the best products, the best service, and the best value—and that’s never going to change.”

Floorz is at 17100 Royalton Rd. in Strongsville (440-638-1388), 143 Rothrock Rd. in Montrose (330-630-3330) and 1509 Golden Gate Plaza in Mayfield Heights (216-455-7500). Visit